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Planning Commission to Hear Comments on Chevron Expansion EIR Tonight
A massive Chevron project that will increase refining throughput capacity and increase pollution releases into Richmondís air and water will be the subject of a public hearing at the Richmond Planning Commission tonight at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chamber,1401 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA. to receive comments on the EIR. See Long Awaited Chevron Energy & Hydrogen Renewal Project EIR is Out, May 23, 2007.

Planning Commission Hearing Agenda - June 7, 2007.pdf

To view the DEIR please click on the following link: Draft Environmental Impact Report . A copy of the Draft EIR can also be purchased at the City of Richmond Planning and Building Regulations Department, located at 1401 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA 94804. Copies are available for review at the following locations: Richmond Public Library, Main Branch 325 Civic Center Ave, Richmond, Ca 94804 and the Richmond Planning Department, 1401 Marina Way South, Richmond, CA 94804

The proposed Energy and Hydrogen Renewal Project consists of a number of component projects, including Hydrogen Plant Replacement, Power Plant Replacement, Reformer Replacement, and Hydrogen Purity Improvements. In general, the Proposed Project would modify, replace and install typical refining equipment such as piping, heat exchangers, instrumentation, catalytic reactors, fractionation equipment, pumps, compressors, furnaces, tanks, hydrogen sulfide absorption capacity, hydrogen generation capacity and their associated facilities, including steam and electrical generation as well as some refinery buildings and infrastructure. These changes would include construction and installation of new facilities as well as replacement of or modifications to existing facilities. The Renewal Project would not increase Refinery use of crude oil beyond currently permitted levels (it would increase refining capacity beyond what is currently being refined), although process upgrades would allow the Refinery to use a wider range of crude oils. Included in project components are upgrades to increase energy efficiency, reduce air emissions, and increase equipment reliability.

Chevron Products Company, which owns and operates the Chevron Refinery located at 841 Chevron Way in Richmond, California, proposes to replace the existing Hydrogen Plant, Power Plant, and Reformer, and install new equipment in order to increase the Refineryís ability to produce gasoline that meets California specifications, and use a wider range of crude oil sources than are currently processed. The new equipment would improve Refinery reliability, energy efficiency, and add environmental controls. The Draft EIR also includes and analyzes a number of other smaller projects.

The comment period began on May 11th and ends 45-days later at 5:00 p.m., Monday, June 25, 2007. Comments on the completeness and accuracy of the DEIR can be sent at any time to:
Lamont Thompson, Senior Planner, City of Richmond Planning and Building Regulations Department, 510/620-6706, lamont_thompson@ci.richmond.ca.us.