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Second Notice for Year End Assessment of Richmond

See We'll Be Fine in 2009?, December 8, 2008.

Now is time for E-FORUM Readers to weigh in on the best and worst of 2008 and predictions for 2009.

For several years, I have prepared detailed year-end evaluations of City of Richmond services, problems challenges and wishes. Originally, these were conveyed only to my City Council colleagues and the city manager as a way of providing input into the annual city manager performance evaluation and establishing my priorities and legislative objectives for the coming year.

·         At the end of 2002, I shared one of these priorities on the E-FORUM in New Year's Resolution - a Full Court Press on Blight, January 3, 2003.

·         Following 2003, I tried to be whimsical and authored Out With The Old – In With The New, E-FORUM, January 1, 2004, providing a number of awards and multiple choice predictions. Remarkably, several of the predictions had choices that were dead on.

·         After 2004, I decided to expand the New Year’s Day E-FORUM, 2004 Year-End Review, December 31, 2004, to become a broader evaluation of the City of Richmond and to give E-FORUM readers an opportunity not only to participate but to also play the principal role. Due to the volume of responses from E-FORUM readers, 2004 sort of got out of hand and expanded to 20 pages before I ran out of time and energy. It also probed the First Amendment envelope in Richmond, resulting in condemnation of me by many of my City Council colleagues and others as well as feeding the fire of what later became a harassment probe initiated by a City employee.

·         At the beginning of 2006, I circulated What Can We Fix in 2006? January 1, 2006.

I am again inviting E-FORUM readers to weigh in with what you consumers of City of Richmond services want to say about what works and what doesn’t, who works and who doesn’t, and what will work and what won’t. Information provided is guaranteed to be treated with complete confidentiality. Responses from City staff are welcome. Some suggestions include:

·         Best and worst City departments and managers – and why.

·         City employees who have distinguished themselves by superior service, ideas, leadership or deeds.

·         Organizations that have made Richmond a better place, and how.

·         Best and worst of what has happened in Richmond this year that is connected with the City.

·         Best and worst development projects.

·         Predictions for the coming year.