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Community Meeting Tonight to Present Possible WCCUSD School Closures

The following was provided by WCCUSD Board Member Tony Thurmond:


The recommendation from a WCCUSD consultant group includes two different scenario lists of schools to possibly be closed. These lists were just released today and a community meeting is scheduled to take place tonight at 6:30 PM at DeJean Middle School to present these closure recommendations to the public and to receive written comments and questions.


The WCCUSD Board is scheduled to vote on a final proposal for school closures on February 11, 2009. This vote will follow a series of public comment meetings that are scheduled to take place in each of the High School attendance areas in early January 2009. Because this consultant recommendation is being made on the same day as the community meeting I am hoping that people will read about it in your e-forum and will attend the meeting. Several schools could be impacted including several that serve Richmond youth. Below you can also find a link that contains the meeting schedule and other background information regarding the proposed closures. If people need more information they can contact Bruce Harter or Board Members. People may contact me at (510) 223-4394, tony@tonythurmond.com.


Click here for the closure recommendations.




Tony Thurmond

Board Member

West Contra Costa Unified School District




West Contra Costa Unified School District

Release Background

Preliminary Closure Scenarios

December 18, 2008


At tonight’s community information meeting on school closures, Superintendent Bruce Harter will provide an overview presentation of the district’s financial condition and the rationale for why school closures are necessary.  Jamie King of Schreder & Associates will then present two school consolidation scenarios. 


For many years Jack Schreder & Associates has provided research and analyses for the West Contra Costa Unified School District in several key facilities areas, including master planning and analysis for developer fees.  In 2006, Schreder prepared the district’s most recent Facilities Master Plan.  The firm used the 2006 study, enrollment and enrollment projection information, capacity analysis, information about school use, special programs, and the district’s bond program to develop two preliminary the school closure scenarios.  These scenarios support the “givens” about school closures as approved by the Board of Education, and reflect the board-adopted criteria for school consolidation and closure.


Tonight’s scenarios are the starting point for the community committee meetings that begin January 8 and continue throughout the month.  Appointed members of the six community committees—representing each high school attendance area in the district—will apply the board-adopted criteria to the preliminary scenarios and improve upon them.


Community members attending tonight’s meeting will receive data charts which the high school area committees will use to evaluate the two consolidation options.  Attendees at tonight’s meeting may also submit written comments and questions.  Answers to these questions will be posted on the district web site at www.wccusd.net.  In order for tonight’s meeting to end on time at 7:30 p.m., no oral public comment will be taken.  


WCCUSD links to tonight’s information:

§    Bruce Harter’s presentation—www.wccusd.net/fiscal/

§    Schreder & Associates presentation—www.wccusd.net/fiscal/

§    Data charts—www.wccusd.net/fiscal/


Bruce Harter, Superintendent

West Contra Costa Unified School District

Richmond, CA 94801

(510) 231-1101