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The Light of Your Life - Volunteer at East Brother Lighthoue










If you want to really make a difference at one of Richmondís most remote and best known landmarks, consider joining the volunteer group that maintains East Brother Light Station on Saturday, April 14, 2008. Keeping an island in San Francisco Bay shipshape is not for sissies and dilettantes. We need skilled and dedicated people who can roll up their sleeves and work. We particularly need electricians, engineers, diesel mechanics, plumbers, boatwrights, small and outboard engine mechanics, carpenters, and painters. 


Maintaining a lighthouse is a never-ending task. The keepers of old were nicknamed "wickies" because of all of the time they spent trimming the wicks of the oil lamp so to keep the light strong and bright. While the old oil lamps are now history, the work of the lighthouse remains constant. There is need for all sorts of volunteers amongst the East Brother Light Station "Wickies" of today. The tasks include everything from cleaning windows to diesel mechanics. Painting, gardening, carpentry, inventorying; whatever your skills or energy level, there's a place for you. Workdays are usually the second Saturday of the month, weather permitting.


The next Wickie Day is April 12, 2008 ( 08:50 - 16:00) We'll meet at the Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor at 0850, and those who have RSVP'd can ride the boat out to the Island in comfort. (Those who did not RSVP may end up swimming....) We've got no end of general cleaning and maintenance stuff to do before getting to another of Elan & Katie's gourmet lunches! We'll get back by 4:00 that afternoon. Be sure to RSVP.


Volunteer administrator:
Mikael Blaisdell
Phone: 510.865.4515


East Brother Light Station, Inc., the non-profit that maintains East Brother Light Station is also recruiting board members for the 2008-2009 year. If you come out the island to volunteer and have an interest in serving on the board of directors, talk to us.


Tom Butt, President, East Brother Light Station, Inc.