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Richmond Kids Making Green

Click here for a link to the KCRT website with information about The Green Screen TV show, our local EarthTeam environmental TV show, by and for teens.   Episode #7 is now airing,  per the schedule on this KCRT page, and includes a story about the opening of the Richmond Greenway and the first day of Berryland, with the planting crew out on the Greenway.  Michelle Seville and her grandchildren and Park Guthrie are featured here.    #7 will also be online very soon, both at KCRT's site and on the website, www.thegreenscreentv.net 


The entire series of The Green Screen also airs online and on 6 local public stations around the East Bay, including CCC TV, KDOL in Oakland, BCM in Berkeley, Comcast in the WC and Concord area and more.  20 teachers in the WCCUSD area receive copies of the DVD to show in their classes and more teachers are invited to air the videos and discuss the content in their classes, as part of an environmental education curriculum.    So the Greenway is being publicized and celebrated in Richmond and around the East Bay by middle and high school students.    


The Green Screen/Earth Team  planning future episodes with updates on The Greenway and invites student your participation. 


The  TV show is funded through January 2008 and is currently seeking grants to continue production.  Any suggestions you can offer are very appreciated.   Partnerships with other agencies are encouraged.    More information about the non-profit, EarthTeam, and its projects can be found www.earthteam.net   The projectís mission is to inspire students, support teachers and impact the community. 


For more information, contact:


Lana Husser

EarthTeam multimedia director

(510) 219-1571