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Poor and Minority Community Bear Disproportionate Share of Pollution
A new study entitled “Still Toxic After All These Years, Air Quality and Environmental Justice in the San Francisco Bay Area,” by the Center for Justice, Tolerance and Community, University of California, Santa Cruz, confirms what we always knew – that poor and minority communities, including Richmond, are far more exposed to air pollution and its negative health impacts than other communities. One proposal that has come out of the study is assessing the impact of new facilities based on their cumulative affect on air quality rather than the conformance of the individual facility to emission standards.

For a copy of the study, Click here.

The press release states: “From West Oakland's diesel-choked neighborhoods to San Francisco's traffic-snarled Mission District and the fenceline communities abutting Richmond's refineries, poor and minority residents of the San Francisco Bay Area get more than their share of exposure to air pollution and environmental hazards.”

“That's the conclusion of a new report issued by the Center for Justice, Tolerance & Community (CJTC) at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The first published analysis of the overall state of environmental disparity in the nine-county region, the report is entitled, "Still Toxic After All These Years... Air Quality and Environmental Justice in the Bay Area."

For the full press release, go to UCSC Press Release

To download a copy, go to the CJTC Reports page.

Click here to download figures and tables in .pdf version.