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Richmond Bay Trail New Year Report

New Year greetings from TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee. The upbeat Richmond Bay Trail New Year Report has been published and is available on TRAC's colorful, informative web site for viewing or downloading at http://www.pointrichmond.com/baytrail/ .


2006 saw dramatic enrichment of the Bay Trail experience in Richmond, including these highlights:


• Completion of 2.2 miles of new trail

• Creation of 33 interpretive and way finding exhibits

• Launch of 2 new web sites

• Development of a Marina Bay trail guide


Richmond now has 24 miles of San Francisco Bay Trail built -- more than any other city on this planned 500-mile multi-use trail encircling San Francisco and San Pablo Bays.


The remaining challenge is closing 17 miles of gaps in Richmond’s planned San Francisco Bay Trail. The New Year Report describes 16 construction, planning and design projects scheduled during 2007. With your continued strong support, everything is in place to complete the Bay Trail in Richmond with the exception of access to Point Molate and the rest of the Point San Pablo Peninsula.


Please visit http://www.pointrichmond.com/baytrail/ to download Richmond Bay Trail maps, get information about trailside recreational, natural and cultural attractions, including the new guide to the four miles of Bay Trail in the Marina Bay area, view the calendar of coming events and learn about filling gaps in the planned trail. To see TRAC's smiling Steering Committee sending you New Year greetings, see http://www.pointrichmond.com/baytrail/about.htm .


TRAC Steering Committee: Donald Bastin, Bruce Beyaert, Bruce Brubaker, Jay Corey, Whitney Dotson, Kelly Hardy, Jerry Rasmussen and Nancy Strauch



phone/fax 510-235-2835