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High Taxes? Thank the Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Yesterday, I received the following question from an E-FORUM subscriber:


I have a question for you.


Today we received in the mail two business renewal license invoices for two different single dwelling rental properties in Richmond. (we own 6 altogether in Richmond) We were under the impression that the fee has been reduced for single dwelling rental properties to I believe $90. We are being charged $268.50 for each. Can you give us some light on this subject? $268.50 seems simply usurious.


Thank you for your help with this matter,


I responded that had Measure T passed, the business license tax would have been reduced to $90, but since it failed, the tax remains at $268.50. I suggested that the landlord who asked this question drop a line to the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and thank these business-friendly folks for the high tax on single family dwellings. On its website, the Chamber of Commerce brags:


"Thank You" to all Richmond voters who believed that the Measure T tax increase was not needed at this time. On November 7th, 9,721 voters—58% of the total—rejected Measure T. This is the second year in a row that the Chamber has led the way to defeat an ill-conceived tax idea.


Had the City Council worked with Richmond businesses and discussed a spending plan that made financial sense, there could have been a teamwork approach. We hope that in the future, tax increases and the all-important spending plan will be discussed with taxpayers well in advance. We're convinced this approach would lead to fruitful discussions. Thank you again to all voters who followed the lead of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce!


I have another suggestion – change the name from Richmond Chamber of Commerce to Richmond Chamber of Horrors.