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  Mailbox Breaks Off
November 3, 2006
In the last two days our mailbox has sagged under the weight of yet more anti-Measure T and anti Gayle McLaughlin mailers by the Council of Industries/Chevron/Chamber of Commerce triad six to be exact. Add to that, two pro-Irma Anderson mailers by the same groups.

The message is clear. These people, largely out-of-towners primarily into exploiting Richmond for their own profits, want to see Irma Anderson continue as mayor, want to bury Measure T and are scared to death of Gayle McLaughlin.

If you like a Richmond that has the second worst roads in the Bay Area, the third-highest murder rate in California and one of the highest unemployment rates around, it would be a good idea to continue the present Irma Anderson administration, vote against Measure T and thank Chevron for pointing out to us how stupid we would be to actually yearn for something better.

Incidentally, there are recent statements by the mayoral candidates in the Berkley Daily Planet at:

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