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No on Proposition 90
October 14, 2006

Out-of-state property rights extremists are trying to sell to California a radical new definition of "takings," mandating compensation to property owners any time a social or environmental measure allegedly "harms" their property.  Far from protecting property rights, Prop 90 would seriously undermine the ability of homeowners to influence the way their communities grow. 

Prop 90's far-reaching provisions allow virtually anyone to sue claiming a new law or regulation has impacted the value of their property or business - no matter how far-fetched the claim.  These new "pay to protect" provisions mean taxpayers would pay for the routine land-use decisions that shape our neighborhoods and communities.  Unable to pay these potentially enormous sums, state and local governments would simply stop enforcing such basic protections for our environment and quality of life.

To learn more about the campaign to stop Prop 90, please visit: www.noprop90.com.


Prop 90 is a radical plan that goes too far and would cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year.  An unprecedented coalition has been formed to defeat this potentially devastating ballot measure. 


Prop. 90 will cause great damage to Californians from all walks of life. Unless defeated, 90 would:

        Drive up taxpayer costs by billions of dollars annually. The California Taxpayers' Association opposes 90.

        Erode environmental protections like those that protect our coastline, preserve open space, and limit undesirable development. That's why 90 is opposed by the Sierra Club, CA League of Conservation Voters, The Nature Conservancy and dozens of conservation organizations.

        Reduce funding for schools, public safety, health care and other services. The California Teachers Association, California Professional Firefighters, California Police Chiefs, California Nurses Association oppose Prop. 90.

        Harm our state's economy by slowing project approvals and curtailing infrastructure development. The California Chamber of Commerce, the California Small Business Association and the California Labor Federation oppose 90.

        Hurt our neighborhoods and our quality of life. That's why the League of California Homeowners and the League of Women Voters of California oppose Prop. 90.