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Mayor Wants More Business Participation in General Plan Process
October 5, 2006

According to an email circulating from the Council of Industries, Mayor Anderson is concerned that the business community is underrepresented at the various public General Plan meetings and is urging more participation. The Council of Industries claims that “The anti-business, anti-development, land preservation comments outweigh recommendations for economic and industrial development, business & port expansion, and growth…” The Council of Industries urges “Please let your employees know about the upcoming General Plan meetings – their input is important!”


Examples of “anti-business, anti-development, land preservation” comments that the Council of Industries presumably wants to change by loading up public meetings with more business representatives include:


KEY THEME – Issues, Opportunities, Need a common understanding on buffer zones between residential and industrial/port uses.

HOUSING – Vision, Quality housing development near the shoreline.


·         Scenic views are protected.

·         Environmental justice is considered in land use decisions.

·         Scenic views are protected.

·         Industry is concentrated and separated from incompatible uses.

Issues, Opportunities

·         Conflict between industrial and residential uses is a problem.

·         Industrial uses near Point Isabel should be changed.  

·         Development near shoreline should be less dense.

COMMUNITY MOBILITY- Issues, Opportunities

·         Need to develop comprehensive approach to railroad crossings and identify danger spots.

·         “Road diet” on Cutting could make room for bike lanes and make it pedestrian friendly.

PUBLIC SAFETY – Issues, Opportunities

·         Congested roadways and railways create access issues

·         Areas around earthquake liquefaction zones should not be developed.

·         There is extreme pollution in certain areas.


·         A clean, green, and safe environment.

·         Enhanced creek protection and accessibility.

·         Enhanced accessibility to the shoreline.

Issues, Opportunities

·         Land should be acquired for parks.

·         Waterfront shipyards should be relocated.

·         New port’s proposed location would adversely impact wetlands and natural resources.

·         Entire shoreline needs protection.

·         Development should pay for new parks.

·         Wetlands should be preserved.

Economic Development – Vision, The City becomes a hub for “green” industries.

Issues, Opportunities, Other uses should be considered for the Port area.

The General Plan Update Process - The effectiveness of the General Plan is questioned because changing it is “too easy.”


Residents of Richmond, you should get out to these meetings and represent yourselves, lest the industrial community seizes the agenda and we all wake up in a couple of years with a City that has been general planned without the needs and desires of the residents in mind.


·         Thursday, October 5 at St. Mark’s Church (en espanol) 159 Harbour Way at Macdonald

·         Tuesday, October 17 at Hilltop Mall Community Room (inside the Mall) at Hilltop Drive

·         Monday, October 30 at City Council Chambers, 1401 Marina Way South