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August 17, 2006

The first three Quiet Zones in the Marina Bay area will be established next month: Routine locomotive horn use at the crossings listed below will cease at 12:01 a.m. on September 17, 2006.  The South One Quiet Zone will impose a 24 hour restriction on the routine sounding of locomotive horns within its respective area.  It will be created pursuant to 49 CFR 222.39 (a)(2)(I).

The following list sets forth the U.S. DOT National Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Inventory Number, street name, and the quiet zone name of each public highway-rail grade crossing which the City of Richmond is including within the South One Quiet Zone:

Crossing Name                                                                     DOT #                         Name of QZ

Marina Way South                                                                  751656U                      South On

Marina Bay Parkway                                                               926138L                      South One

Regatta Blvd                                                                           926139T                      South One

After September 17, 2006 violations should be reported to:

Carlos A. Privat
Assistant City Attorney
City of Richmond
1401 Marina Way South
Richmond, CA 94804
510.620.6509 (Office)
510.620.6518 (Fax)

This new Quiet Zone will be third established in Richmond. The first one was “North 1,” which includes two crossings near Parchester Village. The second was “West 1,” on West Richmond Avenue in Point Richmond. Next in line is “West 2,” which includes three crossings on West Cutting and Canal near Point Richmond.

These Quiet Zones are the result of years of hard work that started with a City Council resolution, a lot of staff work by former  Assistant City Attorney Wayne Nishioka, Assistant City Attorney Carlos A. Privat, City Engineer Rich Davidson, and the Quiet Zone Citizens Team that includes Fred Arm, Cochise Potts, Terry Goode and Louis Hagler.