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One Third of City Attorney Staff Fired in Friday Night Massacre
The following email was apparently sent out on Friday, but I did not receive it, probably because they used an incorrect email address. I did receive it this morning after I had inquired why Wayne Nishioka’s email address was not working. Nishioka was the designated contact person for Quiet Zone complaints.

Mayor and Council:

As you know, I was hired by the Council to take the City Attorney's department in a new direction.

After working with my staff for well over six months, I have come to the conclusion that despite my best efforts, two attorneys simply are not making, and cannot make, the transition from the "old ways" to the new.  It is most regrettable that today, two attorneys will be asked to leave.

Due to employees' privacy rights, I am reluctant to go into specifics here.  Please feel free to call me on my cell (719-6079) if you would like further information.  (Even then, I need to be guarded in what I can tell you, due to the City's exposure to liability.)

Please be assured that the work that these two attorneys have been doing will be transferred to the other attorneys in the department.  I do not anticipate a significant break in continuity.  Also, a new Assistant City Attorney, Carlos Privat, will be joining us on July 24, and he will pick up some of the workload too.

In the event that my actions should be questioned, please note that I have worked closely with Cynthia O'Neill, and have followed her advice to the letter.

Again, it is most regrettable that this action had to be taken, but ultimately, the decisions that we make have to be in the best interests of the City, rather than the best interests of discrete individuals.

John Eastman
City Attorney
City of Richmond
1401 Marina Way South
Richmond, CA 94804
510-620-6509 (Office)
510-620-6518 (Fax)