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State Board of Equalization Board Member Bill Leonard Wants to Lower Taxes on Oil Refineries

At least one member of the State Board of Equalization thinks oil refineries deserve a tax break. This is an email I received from Bill Leonard, member, State Board of Equalization (See Tax Break For Chevron May Hit Home, March 7, 2006. You may recall that proposed Rule 474 would make it more difficult for refineries to reduce their property taxes).

Dear Mr. Butt:

Thanks for your comments on the proposed changes to Rule 474.  The changes are being proposed by the Assessors in order to increase the property taxes on oil refineries.  I am opposed to any tax increases and will oppose this rule change.

I also know that any tax increases which are put upon oil companies will be passed along to all of us consumers in the form of higher gasoline prices.  This is a bad public policy.


Bill Leonard