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Skyrocketing Garbage Rates?
February 22, 2006

Recently I was asked by an E-Forum reader why his garbage bill went up 10 times the Consumer price Index increase. Hereís why:

There are two parts to the garbage fee. The collection fee increase was passed by the City Council on January 10, 2006, Item J-1 on the agenda. The CPI increase, in accordance with Richmondís contract with Richmond Sanitary Service was 2.8%, and the rates were increased accordingly by $0.43 to $1.31 per can, depending on size.

The big increase was a fee for the Integrated Resource and Recovery Facility (IRRF), which ranged from $5.19 to $25.37 per can, depending on size. This fee was adopted by the West Contra Costa Integrated Waste Management Agency, which is governed by the board listed below. A further explanation is in the attached letter.

The W.C.C.I.W.M.A. is a public agency that addresses solid waste issues in West County. The agency is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of appointed members from the Member Agency's City Councils.

Public participation at meetings is welcome. For more information on Board Meetings or to request an agenda, please call (510) 215-3125.






El Cerrito


Letitia Moore


Bill Jones




Ed Balico


Trevor Evans-Young




Maria Alegria


Peter Murray




Nat Bates - Chair, Richard Griffin, Maria Viramontes


Jim Rogers


San Pablo


Joe Gomes - Vice-Chair


Paul Morris


Contra Costa County


John Gioia - Non-Voting Ex Officio Director


Gayle P. Uilkema