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  Next Shorelines Project to Get Public Scrutiny Next Week
November 14, 2004






Thanks to Bruce Beyaert for providing the following information about Point Richmond Shores, which is located at the former Richmond Terminal No. 1 (last leased by Petromark as a tank farm in the late 1980’s) at the foot of Dornan Drive. The project is important to the City of Richmond as a budget balancer. The City is counting on pocketing at least $7 million net (after cleanup costs) on a $13 million land sale, which is about $1 million/acre.

I have not had an opportunity to review this design in detail, but my previous advice to Toll Brothers was to treat it as a unique site in a world-class location. The project design should exultingly convey “urban waterfront community” and not look like it was imported from Modesto or somewhere else. This should be award-winning architecture that incorporates the principles of smart growth and new urbanism.


I don’t necessarily agree that this project is “controversial,” but it may need some tuning.

From Bruce:


Toll Brothers will describe their proposed Point Richmond Shores project to the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council this Wednesday, Nov. 17.  In addition, they have been asked to talk about their Seacliff Marina project on the former Bottoms' "toxic mound" property along the shoreline between Seacliff Drive and Richmond's Point Potrero Terminal.  The meeting begins at 7:30 PM in the downtown Point Richmond community center next to the closed branch library.

The controversial Point Richmond Shores project would be located on the former Terminal One site east of Ferry Point with nine 4 to 5 story buildings containing about 300 residential condominium units as shown on the attached plot plan.  The Terminal One warehouse buildings would be demolished, and the big pier underlying the southern building would simply be fenced off to preclude public accesss if the pier is found not to be structurally sound.  The shoreline would be left derelict west of the end of Dornan Drive.

Attached is TRAC's letter to the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) Design Review Board (DRB) requesting:
1. a continuous Bay Trail spine route around the project's entire perimeter and shoreline. i.e. from Brickyard Cove Road at the NE corner of the project, along the public pier and shoreline park to connect with the Bay Trail built by EBRPD leading to Ferry Point;
2. a plan for either rebuilding or demolishing the pier with restoration of the western and southern shorelines and creation of additional shoreline park; and
3. relocation of parking lots away from the shoreline.

BCDC's DRB met Monday, November 8 and agreed with all of these recommendations when they were raised by East Bay Regional Park District, ABAG Bay Trail Project, Save The Bay and TRAC.   The DRB urged the City and Toll Brothers to investigate the condition of the pier now so that firm plans can be developed for removal if it isn't structurally sound.

The DRB went futher to severely ciriticize the Point Richmond Shores project as it was presented by Toll Brothers and their architectural team, e.g DRB members said.:

"Not living up to its site" .... could be a "disastrous plan" .."damn near takes views from everybody" ...  should be "maximum views for public" ....  adopt an attitude that "it's a privilege to be on the Bay" .... think of it as a waterfront neighborhood" ..."develop a public shoreline"  ... "rather than nine pieces, push the buildings together" .... "move east side buildings to make room for Bay Trail" corridor from Brickyard Cove Road

The DRB also agreed with the suggestion of Brickyard Cove resident Ed Durban that Toll Brothers should evaluate siting the buildings back against the bluff where Brickyard Cove Road is located and moving the road to the Bay side of the projet inland of the Bay Trail.

Please attend the meeting to give Toll Brothers feedback on what you think.  TRAC of course would appreciate your support for the continuous Bay Trail route with generous shoreline access amenities for the public.

     Bruce and Nancy
Bruce Beyaert, TRAC Chair and Nancy Strauch, TRAC Vice Chair
Phone 235-2835 and 237-5021
Email: tracbaytrail@earthlink.net
Web: http://www.pointrichmond.com/baytrails/

Dornan Drive Shoreline Access:  Referring to the attached image, what will be done to remove the derelict piers and pilings along the shoreline west of Dornan Drive and restore this shoreline for safe public access?

Terminal 1 Pier:  The City of Richmond¹s Initial Study for this project states that if the former Terminal One pier is determined not to be ³structurally sound² (by whom?) it would be simply fenced off to prohibit access and use.  In this situation, .

Parking: TRAC is very sympathetic to parking issues 6 & 7 raised by BCDC staff, i.e. the wisdom of devoting and the need to provide of more than the proposed 15 - 20 public parking places.