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  Prop 1A
October 21, 2004

Prop. 1A is an initiative on the November ballot that would prevent the state legislature from taking and using local tax dollars that are currently go to local governments to provide essential services. The state has taken more than $40 billion from local governments over the past 12 years.  Without protection against new state raids, it could mean fewer firefighters, fewer law enforcement officers and longer waits at emergency rooms -- or higher local taxes and fees.  You can get more information at www.yesonprop1a.com.

The Richmond City Council unanimously endorsed prop 1A.

Proposition 65 on the state ballot was originally crafted by the League of California Cities to stop raids on city and county funding sources by the state legislature. Later, it was replaced by Proposition 1A , which has a much broader backing, including that of the governor.     

By Voting Yes on 1A, you will:

P       Prevent the State Legislature from taking and using your local tax dollars that currently go to fund local governments and local services.

 P       Protect funding for vital local services like fire and paramedic response, law enforcement, emergency and trauma care, parks, roads, libraries, transportation and more.

P       Keep more of your tax dollars closer to home where voters have more control over how funds are used and there is more accountability in how money is spent.

Prop 1A is supported by Governor Schwarzenegger, California Professional Firefighters, California Fire Chiefs Association, California Police Chiefs Association, the California Republican and California Democratic Parties, National Tax Limitation Committee, California Senior Action Network, California State Association of Counties, League of California Cities, California Special Districts Association and hundreds of other individuals, groups, and local governments throughout California.  For a complete list of supporters, click here.