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Letters From West County Times Readers - Richmond Residents Need Some Answers
December 3, 1997


Wednesday, December 3, 1997
Section: Opinion
Page: A15
Column: Readers' Forum

After Measure H

As treasurer of the Citizens for Measure H Committee, I would like to join council members Donna Powers and Alex Evans, Mayor Rosemary Corbin and Vice Mayor John Marquez in publicly thanking the hundreds of volunteers who supported Measure H by working phone banks, addressing and stamping letters, speaking to community groups and ultimately showing up to vote.

Many of the same people were among the hundred or so contributors to the campaign fund that seemed like a lot of money at the time. Unfortunately, we were barely able to match the well-funded opposition. I would also like to thank LSA Associates, Inc. for the use of the campaign office.

Although Measure H is now history, the projects it was intended to pay for are still with us. Alternate funding has been found for some of them, but others, including the Plunge, face an uncertain future.

"Alternate" funding does not mean free money. The money for these projects will come from refinancing redevelopment agency bonds and using the proceeds to repay debts to the general fund, ultimately resulting in cutting or eliminating some other future service or program.

Maintaining the city's infrastructure, its streets, buildings, parks and wastewater systems remains one of my highest priorities. After the Measure H defeat, I am not sure whether the voters really want this. I would like to hear from residents how they feel about this and what their priorities are.

Thomas K. Butt


Butt is a member of the Richmond City Council.