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Moving Past Oakland's Police Dept.
June 29, 1999
Chief Samuels already finalist for Richmond job
Chip Johnson

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Shed no tears for Oakland Police Chief Joseph Samuels, who leaves office at the end of the week after five years on as Oakland's top cop.

Samuels confirmed that he is a finalist for the top spot in the Richmond Police Department.

``The word out on the street is that he is the man,'' said Councilmember Tom Butt.

Three people are still in the running for the job, with the final decision in the city manager's hands.

Samuels wouldn't confirm the location of two other positions where he is considered a finalist: ``It's nice to be considered by other communities and jurisdictions, but I can't say more.''

Butt said he inquired about Samuels because of he'd heard about him being fired in Oakland.

``As I understand it, it was political, and I think that could be legitimate,'' he said.

You betcha.