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Committee To Decide Victory Ship's Future
August 18, 1998


Tuesday, August 18, 1998
Section: news
Page: A03
Column: City Beat


Gala plans to bring the World War II-era Red Oak Victory ship to Richmond are afloat again.

The City Council last week unanimously agreed to allow the 53-year-old vessel to dock at Terminal One in the Port of Richmond for up to nine months.

The ship, which was launched from Richmond more than a half century ago, will be homeward bound Sept. 20, said Lois Boyle, president of the Richmond Museum Association.

The group has been trying to find a berth for the 455-foot vessel, which must be moved from its present location at Suisun Bay by Oct. 1. The ship, which was built at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond during WWII, is being restored for use as a floating museum.

The permanent fate of the ship will be determined by a committee consisting of Councilmen Nat Bates and Tom Butt, association members Boyle and Don Hardison, city staff members Ron Kennedy and Natalie Lawrence and two community members yet to be named.

The committee will consider whether to berth the ship in the port, which is near where it was built, or at Point Molate, which is the spot the association favors.

A port berth also would put the ship closer to the Rosie the Riveter monument and could be linked with that effort, Councilwoman Donna Powers said.