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March 24, 1997


Monday, March 24, 1997
Section: Opinion
Page: A11
Column: Readers' Forum 


I would like to thank the West County Residents for Fair Government for helping to get the word out to El Sobrante residents on Richmond City Council member Tom Butt's annexation proposal that, as we all know by now, failed. 

Their belief in open and fair government was demonstrated by their hundreds of mail notifications telling El Sobrante residents of a public hearing on the annexation proposal. El Sobrante residents, who had heard this annexation attempt was being discussed, came to West County Residents for Fair Government and asked for help to get the word out. 

Prior to the mail notifications, many El Sobrante residents were not aware of this annexation attempt. 

I also wish to thank El Sobrante residents for coming together and voicing their opposition to the Richmond City Council resolution. I attended the City Council's special meeting on Feb. 18 and witnessed hundreds of El Sobrante residents present. They effectively spoke out against any proposed annexation. 

We stood together as a community, but we must remain vigilant and not allow any more annexation of El Sobrante, whether it is inhabited or uninhabited land. 

Mark Esquivel 

El Sobrante