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A Colorblind Society Is Just A Pipe Dream
November 17, 1996


Sunday, November 17, 1996
Section: Opinion
Page: A14
Column: Readers' Forum

Five don't listen

Gosh, what a surprise. Richmond City Council members Irma Anderson, Nat Bates, Alex Evans, Richard Griffin and Lesa McIntosh voted as a bloc to approve a questionable and locally opposed housing development in the El Sobrante Valley.

I used to wonder how these "public servants" slept at night. I guess that developers' dollars must make a pretty fine mattress and pillow.

As a resident of Castro Heights who has seen his homeowners association dues more than double in three years because of slides, I have a tremendous interest in this situation. Although my work schedule does not currently permit attendance at council meetings, I have done so in the past.

Anyone with open eyes and ears can tell that public participation is an exercise in futility when trying to oppose development such as the Castro Ranch Project. Reasoned arguments go in one ear and out the other.

Even the city's own Planning Department recommendations are swept aside as these five council members bow before the developers.

Sometimes I don't know how the others on the council (notably Mayor Rosemary Corbin and council members Tom Butt and John Marquez) find the incentive to go to work knowing that the "Big 5" will ultimately prevail, but I want to thank them for continuing to fight for the people.

I, however, am disgusted and disheartened.

Richard N. Isaacs

El Sobrante