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Richmond Approves Contract For PR To Improve City's Image
September 13, 1996


Friday, September 13, 1996
Section: news
Page: A03

RICHMOND Richmond City Council has approved a new $48,000 public relations contract for Vern Whitmore of VSW Associates.

Whitmore will continue to work on improving Richmond's image. He will chronicle city events in a photo/video log, which will include press and TV clippings about the city. He will also conduct a seminar for city staff and elected officials on how to deal with the media, according to written information provided to the council.


The vote came despite misgivings expressed by several council members, including Tom Butt.

Butt said he thought the contract should include an hourly fee schedule and a specific list of what Whitmore would be doing.

He also speculated about whether Whitmore might have a conflict of interest, since he lists "political campaign management" as one of the professional services his firm offers.

"I wondered how appropriate it was for a campaign manager to do work for a public agency maybe it's all right, I don't know," Butt said.

Whitmore refused to talk to a reporter about the contract Wednesday.

Voting for the contract were Mayor Rosemary Corbin, Vice Mayor Richard Griffin, and council members John Marquez, Irma Anderson, Lesa McIntosh and Nat Bates.

Opposing were council members Butt, Donna Powers and Alex Evans.