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  Sound Mystery Solved!
July 24, 2022

Thanks to information provided by three tipsters, we now know that the mysterious sound that kept West County awake for 12 hours the night of July 23/24 was a birthday party for a 20-year-old at an industrial site adjacent to the Richmond parkway accessed off Goodrick Avenue. The party featured a phenomenon that originated in Brazil called deboxe, a Portuguese word pronounced Gee-bosh-eh. The movement essentially involves outfitting vehicles, typically pickup trucks, with powerful sound systems.

We were able to locate the owner of the property, determine the names of the two young men who hosted the party, obtain videos of the party (Video 1 and Video 2) and photos of the cars of the hosts, including license numbers, and access their social media pages. The media found the story fascinating, and it lit up the Bay Area radio and TV news for two days before going viral worldwide.

While eating lunch on Wednesday, I got a call from one of my Mayor’s Office staff members saying that the two young men responsible for the party were in the Mayor’s Office and wanted to “resolve” the issues. Apparently, the father of the birthday boy ordered them to try and make amends.  “What should I tell them?” asked my staffer. I said, “Tell them to turn themselves into the police.” I doubt if they followed my advice.

The $500 reward remains unclaimed. I asked for an address to send the check to, but I am still waiting.