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  Help Name Richmond's New Ferry Terminal
March 4, 2019

Help Name the New Ferry Terminal

Ferry terminals get names similar to those given airports.  So as San Francisco International is known as “SFO” and Oakland’s airport at “OAK” the designation for, say, the Ferry Building is “FB-SFO”.  Pier 41 is “41-SFO”.

Richmond’s new ferry terminal has landed with the unimaginative moniker “FT-RCH” (wherein “FT” means “Ferry Terminal”).  There may be an opportunity, in these early days, to appeal to change this to something more fun, something like:

“RR-RCH” (“RR” for “Rosie the Riveter”)
“CP-RCH”  (“CP” for “Craneway Pavilion”)

If you would like to suggest a moniker, I will send it in to the ferry powers that be.