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  Election Updates #10
November 16, 2018

Courtesy of Don Gosney:

Election Update #10

Contra Costa County has posted a significant number of additional votes (about 6600 votes).

The significant changes to the results are with the Richmond City Council where Vinay Pimplé moved into third place with Cesar Zepeda staying in fourth.  Nat Bates dropped to fifth place.

Buffy Wicks increased her lead in the 15th Assembly race to 16,149 votes out of 174,675 votes counted.

For the Superintendent of Public Instruction position, Tony Thurmond increased his lead to 1.06% with a lead of 90,045 votes out of 8,563,679 votes counted.

We are told that provisional ballots still need to be counted.  How many for Richmond, how many for the School Board and how many for the Assembly race—anyone’s guess.