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  Potential Developers Drop Out Due to Impractical Limitations Imposed by City Council
November 16, 2018

On October 23, the City Council adopted guidelines for soliciting proposals for Point Molate development that essentially rendered future development impractical, caving in and pandering to the small but strident fringe group who does not want to see Point Molate developed at all (see City Council Subverts Point Molate Settlement Agreement, October 24, 2018).

It appears that the anti-development advocates have been successful. As of yesterday, only one of the six developers chosen to participate is now planning to respond to the Request for Proposals. The remainder have dropped out due to the impractical limitations of the RFP, particularly the deletion of Drum Lot 2 as a potential development area and the goal of 2/3 of the housing to be moderate, low income, and very low income.