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  Election Update #6
November 11, 2018

From Don Gosney:

As expected, we saw a large number of votes counted by the end of Friday.

In Richmond, we saw an additional 5000+ votes added to the tally.

Of note:

  • Tom Butt increased his lead over Melvin Willis by an additional 651 votes s he now leads by 2,949 votes.
  • In the 15 AD race, Buffy Wicks increased her lead over Jovanka Beckles by 1501 votes with a lead that now stands at 14,382 (with an additional 12,870 votes added to the tally).
  • In the school board race, incumbent Madeline Kronenberg has shrunk her deficit significantly and now stands just 105 votes shy of surpassing 3rd place Consuelo Lara.

  • At the state level, Tony Thurmond’s deficit in the Superintendent of Public Instruction hovers around 60,000 (8/10%) with millions of ballots uncounted.
  • And finally, in the Council race, Cesar Zepeda inches closer to third place Nat Bates.  The deficit now stands at 185 votes.