Tom Butt
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  Changes Coming to Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and Bay Trail to Point Molate
October 29, 2018

The Bay Trail extension to Point Molate that will provide pedestrian and bicycle access now under construction is scheduled to open in March of 2019. The extension across the bridge using what is now the westbound right shoulder will also open in march of 2019.

The movable barrier is stockpiled, and a special vehicle to move it has been leased by CalTrans.

Meanwhile, MTC and CalTrans are planning multiple strategies, beginning early in 2019, to address the morning congestion westbound, including:

  • Scoop and Waze carpool partnerships
  • Bike signing and striping
  • E-bike share programs
  • Miles rewards app
  • LUUM commute management technology platform
  • E-bike incentives
  • Open road tolling (like the Golden Gate Bridge)
  • Increase frequency of Golden gate Transit Transbay Route 40X
  • Adaptive signals for a Smart Richmond Parkway
  • HOV Lane extension the Central Avenue
  • Bike and trail gap closures and improvements
  • Congestion pricing, if necessary


Most of these are not expensive, and taken together, they can reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles o the point that congestion will largely disappear.