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  Richard Perez Shooting
July 7, 2016

Several weeks ago, District Attorney Mark Peterson appeared before the Richmond City Council and, among other things, committed to interview any previously unidentified witnesses to the Pedie Perez shooting if new witnesses could be identified. Today he emailed the following along with an attached letter:

Mayor Butt and Richmond City Councilmembers –

When I appeared before your City Council in April of this year, we had a discussion about the Richard Perez shooting which took place in the city of Richmond in 2014.   When I spoke with you, I told you I would provide you with a report regarding the shooting, and we would speak to the Perez family before issuing any report.  I later personally spoke to the family of Richard Perez at the swearing-in ceremony of Police Chief Allwyn Brown.  The family told me that our office had not spoken to all of the witnesses who were present at the scene of the shooting and there was evidence we had not considered.  I told the family we wanted to speak to anyone who witnessed the shooting, or anyone who had any information concerning the case.  They assured me they would provide such information. 

We have been trying to speak to the Perez family regarding the alleged “missing witnesses/information/evidence.”  Much of the delay in issuing this report is because we have tried over the course of several weeks to contact them, and they haven’t responded to any of our requests.  Therefore, we are issuing our report at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.

Mark Peterson
District Attorney
Contra Costa County