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  Funding for WCCUSD Projects Continues to Pour In
December 18, 2011

From WCCUSD School Board President Charles Ramsey:

Yesterday, the state allocation board approved a fund release for the money for De Anza High School in the amount of $13,346,561.  The Office of Public School Construction will have that money in our coffers in three months.

Take a look at the first two pages of the School Facilities State Funding Update. Due to the robust bond program and our proactive behavior, the district has grabbed some of the valuable free money that comes from the State for eligibility money.  In the past eighteen months, the district has received over $34 Million in money from the state for school districts projects, $34,305,661 to be exact.

Even better news is that we have, on pages three and four, more projects ready for approval when the next round of funding takes place at the State Allocation Board. Of course, we need for another bond sale, but when that eventually happens look for another $41,300,000 in state funds.  This is for Richmond High School Modernization, Leadership Public School Charter, and Portola Middle School.  Open the attachment and see all the good news.

What is really exciting is with all of this the District has captured over $125 Million for the Bond Program in State matching funds from the State. So, voters have captured this in free money that does not go on its tax bill or count against the district assessed valuation.  At the end of the day, the community can say that the bond program has given them ultimate value and that the kids are getting a lot of mileage out of the program. For this I am eternally grateful and proud that our community has seized the moment and brought us to a place where we can say with pride how great of a building program that we have created.

Yes, we still have a some work to make our educational and classroom program stronger, but at least we are doing this well and improving our facilities and technology in the classroom and with some aid from the State.

Have a great Holiday Season and once again “Thank You” to the voters. It is there vision that is making it all possible for our kids!

Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
School Board President
West Contra Costa
Unified School District