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  Senator Hancock on Western Drive Ramp Closure
December 9, 2011



December 7, 2011

Dear Councilmember Butt and Richmond Community Members:

I am writing this letter to convey my thoughts about the recent discovery of the scheduled two year closure of the I-580 eastbound on-ramp at the Western Drive/Point Molate freeway interchange while repairs to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge deck take place.   Needless to say, the closure of the Eastbound ramp, scheduled to take place beginning Spring of 2012,  will have significant impacts on the public’s access to the area.

While the anticipated repairs to the ramp may be necessary, I am dismayed that Caltrans failed to provide adequate notification of the proposed project to allow for public discussion and input.  Because the closure will impact so many drivers who need to use the ramp for access to their homes or workplaces, Caltrans should be actively engaging the community.   

When I learned of Caltrans’ intentions with the project, I contacted Caltrans and requested a meeting with top officials to discuss this urgent matter.  In that meeting, I will convey your thoughts and concerns about the proposed project.  In particular, I will express my interest in Caltrans ensuring a more transparent and open process with the community, so that effective communication will be possible.

Thank you for your continued interest in this matter. 

Senator Loni Hancock

Terri Waller
District Director for Senator Loni Hancock
9th District
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