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  City Manager's Report for the Week Ending December 2nd, 2011
December 3, 2011

Mayor and Councilmembers:

This is the weekly report for the week ending December 2nd, 2011.

  1. Meeting Notes


The next City Council meeting is noticed for Tuesday, December 6th, beginning with a Closed Session at 5:00 PM and with the regular meeting convening at 6:30 PM.

For planning purposes, due to Councilmember availability, a lack of agenda items, and the proximity of the holidays, the Tuesday, December 20th City Council meeting will be cancelled.  Because of the City office closure during the week from December 26th through December 30th, making it impossible to prepare a City Council agenda packet during that week, the first meeting of 2012 will be on Tuesday, January 10th.

  1. Community Choice Aggregation Program Community Meeting


The City of Richmond and Marin Energy Authority hosted a very successful community meeting this past Wednesday to inform Richmond community members about the city’s interest in Community Choice Aggregation and to gather input on the proposal.  The meeting was attended by approximately 120 – 150 people, with many of the attendees posing excellent questions and providing outstanding comments about the program.  The meeting was organized by the Environmental Initiatives group in the City Manager’s office.  

Community Choice Aggregation is a system that allows local governments to procure electric energy for residents and businesses.  This system would, in turn, provide customers with a choice of energy purchase options, including remaining with PG&E or selecting other “green” energy sources.  The city is considering an option to join the Marin Energy Authority and participate in Marin Clean Energy, which is currently the only Community Choice Aggregation program in California.  Marin Clean Energy provides 27% renewable energy, over 10% more than PG&E currently provides, at comparable rates.

Staff is planning to return to the City Council during the early part of next year with the results of this evaluation phase of the program, and to receive the next set of policy direction from the Council.

  1. Annual Sewer Pipeline Repair and Rehabilitation Projects


The City and Veolia continued work on the 2011/2012 annual sewer pipeline repair and rehabilitation project.  A summary of work in progress is listed below:

Installed 8” Mainlines

Paving Completed

Work Scheduled this Week

Work Scheduled this Week (continued)

Work Scheduled Next Week

Work Scheduled Next Week (continued)

Wall Avenue between South 47th and South 49th Streets

Center and Florida Avenues between South 33rd and South 39th Streets

Roosevelt Avenue between 38th and 41st Streets

West Richmond Avenue at Martina Street

44th Street between Roosevelt and Wilson Avenues

21st Street between Bart tracks and Chanslor Avenue

Wilson Avenue between 43rd Street and Clinton Avenue

Ohio Avenue between South 33rd and South 42nd Streets

South 47th Street north of Wall Avenue

Delfino Avenue between Cottage Avenue and Santa Fe Avenue

Wilson Avenue between Garvin and Clinton Avenues

Esmond Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets

Roosevelt Avenue between 41st and 43rd Streets

South 39th Street from Wall to Ohio Avenue 

Center Avenue between South 39th and South 41st Streets

Florida Avenue between South 23rd Street and railroad tracks

Waller Avenue between South 35th and South 39th Streets

20th Street between Grant and Burbeck Avenues

39th Street between Roosevelt and Garvin Avenues

Wall and Waller Avenues between South 35th and South 39th Streets

39th Street between Roosevelt and Wilson Avenues

11th Street between Barrett and Roosevelt Avenues

South 39th Street from Wall to Ohio Avenues

Clinton Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets

Roosevelt Avenue between 38th and 41st Streets

South 35th Street between Wall and Waller Avenues

Wilson Avenue between Garvin and Clinton Avenues

Nevin Avenue between 9th Street and Harbour Way

Intersection of Wall Avenue and South 37th Street

38th Street between Roosevelt and Cerrito Avenues



School Avenue between Cypress Path and South 53rd Street

Hawthorne Avenue between 7th and 9th Streets

39th Street between Roosevelt and Wilson Avenues

36th Street between Nevin and Barrett Avenues



Virginia Avenue between South 19th and South 20th Streets

7th Street between Hawthorne and Maple Avenues

Wall Avenue between South 42nd and South 49th Streets

South 36th Street between Cutting Boulevard and Wall Avenue



Alley between Barrett and Ripley Avenues, and 4th and 5th Streets

Ells Lane between Fallon and Creely Paths

Marine Street between Lobos and Golden Gate Avenues


Any questions related to the ongoing 2011/2012 annual sewer pipeline repair and rehabilitation project may be directed to Mr. Fadi Alabbas at (925) 323-8937.  Those interested may also follow our daily Twitter updates at www.twitter.com/CoR_Engineering.

  1. Public Works Updates


Parks and Landscaping Division:  On Thursday, December 1st, the Parks and Landscaping Division hosted the Northern California Sports Turf Managers Association’s Annual Winter Forum at the Richmond Auditorium at which parks and landscaping professionals from around the bay area gathered to hear best management practices for turf management.

During the past week, crews continued mowing along the greenway; performed vegetation control at Booker T. Anderson and Tiller Parks and the Richmond Parkway; removed dead pine trees along the Richmond Parkway at Giant Road; and trimmed trees along Sonoma Street and Tunnel Avenue.

Next week, crews will continue working on the Bay Trail landscape rehabilitation project (90% complete); construct a retaining wall at the Plunge by the rear access door; conduct wildflower planting along medians on Carlson Boulevard; and will trim trees at 100 Nichol Avenue, 5000 McBryde Avenue, and along Morningside Drive.

Facilities Maintenance Division:  This week, work continues on the construction of the perimeter lighting at Shields-Reid Park; the electricians completed repairing the street lights along Wildflower Way and Primrose Circle, the knockdowns at Hilltop and Hillview Drives and the Richmond Parkway and Goodrick Avenue; traffic signal repair at 27th Street and Barrett Avenue; inspected new traffic loop installations at 23rd Street and Rheem Avenue, Valley View and Morningside Avenues, and Carlson Boulevard and Huntington Avenue; continued repairing the street lights on Marina Bay Parkway; and completed relamping of the May Valley and Parkview neighborhood series light systems.

The carpenters repaired the Richmond Fire Department’s Youth Academy roof, and the stationary engineers repaired the heaters at the Richmond Build and the Memorial Youth Center.

Streets Division:  Crews completed the resurfacing of Bayview Avenue from Ellis Street to South 55th Street, and the Booker T. Anderson Community Center parking lot.  Next week, crews will resurface Sonoma Street from Clinton Avenue to Hazel Avenue.  The Sign Shop replaced faded street signs at 12th Street and Nevin Avenue, 13th Street and Macdonald Avenue, 47th Street and Hershey Court, and Imperial Avenue and Carlson Boulevard.


Equipment Services Division:  A new traffic control “cone truck” has been acquired and will be placed into service soon after staff training.  This vehicle will be utilized to install traffic controls for street maintenance work and to install traffic-lane line “dots” throughout the city, improving employee safety and traffic-lane line delineation.


  1. Recreation Highlights


Football:  On November 17th, the Recreation Department held the 1st Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Flag Football League’s (age group under 12) “Turkey Bowl.”  The first ever city-wide championship game proved to be a huge success with teams representing schools in the areas of Richmond and El Sobrante.

Basketball:  The annual “Turkey Shoot,” a middle school basketball league competition, was held on Wednesday, November 23rd.  During half-time, participants tried their luck in 3-point free throws for a free turkey.

Commission on Aging:  On Saturday, December 3rd, the Commission on Aging will host its 14th Annual Senior Winter Ball at the Richmond Auditorium.  Senior citizens will enjoy an evening of socializing, dinner, and dancing, including contests and prizes.



*           *           *           *           *

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about these or any other items of interest to you.

Have a great week!



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