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  Dec. 1 Public Meeting on Bay Trail Connection with Point Molate
November 22, 2011


Subject: Dec. 1 Public Meeting on Bay Trail Connection with Point Molate

Richmond Bay Trail Network,

Per the attached notice, you are invited to a public meeting at 7 PM Thursday, Dec. 1 to review design for the San Francisco Bay Trail connection between the bus stop at Castro Street & Tewksbury Avenue and the existing trail under the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge.  This planned one-mile multi-use trail will provide non-motorized access between Richmond’s residential areas and Point Molate.  The goal of the project is to provide an off-street trail that is safe, continuous and accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists. Currently, there is no pedestrian access to Point Molate, and the only bicycle access is along surface streets and shoulders of I-580. This public meeting will review several project alternatives that have been developed and evaluated based on constraints and design criteria, along with public input obtained during the January 2011 Community Workshop.

TRAC is delighted to see the progress being made on this Bay Trail gap closure project, which has been in the works ever since TRAC was formed over 12 years ago.  Please see TRAC’s award-winning website for important background information on completion of the Bay Trail linkage with Point Molate and the rest of the Point San Pablo Peninsula. 

Bruce Beyaert, TRAC Chair
phone/fax 510-235-2835
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