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  Police Chief on Crime Rankings
November 22, 2010

A for-profit entity has come out again with their yearly rankings of the “Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.”, based on 2009 crime data.  Richmond is in the top 10 again, this time based on last year’s high number of homicides.  The process this entity uses for coming up with their list is heavily based on certain selective crimes.  The entity and its methodology have been heavily criticized by the FBI and other State and Federal law enforcement agencies.

That said, it is worth keeping in mind that Part I crime is down again this year, for the 4th year in a row.  Violent crime was down last year (despite the homicides) and it is down again this year (at this point by around 10%).  Homicides are significantly down this year (over a 50% decrease at this point).

  • Part I crimes overall have steadily been decreasing each of the past 4 years in Richmond.  We credit this to:
    • More effective crime reduction strategies, including focusing on hotspots and well as key individuals involved in criminal activity—many of who are parolees;
    • Community and neighborhood-based policing.  We have more active neighborhood and community groups than ever before, all who work closely with the PD;
    • Data-driven policing, including our COMPSTAT program, that involves the ongoing analysis of crime data and crime trends.  This program also involves assuring this information is shared by the cops working in the neighborhoods and commercial areas of the City.
    • Increased focus on gun crimes, including more prosecution of gun crimes of any type and severity—as a way of getting guns and gun criminals off the streets.


Chief Chris Magnus