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  Solano Playlot Moves Up to Winning 3rd Place but Needs Your Help to Stay There - Contest Ends Today
October 15, 2010

From Melanie Myers:

We went from 4th place to 3rd place overnight by people in our newsgroup tirelessly voting, all night long.  We discovered that, much like American Idol, there is no limit to the number of times one person can vote, but there are limits to how many times each unique email address can vote.  Someone in Europe is voting too!  You don't need to live here to support us.  As long as we make 3rd place, we will get $$$ for our neighborhood playground.  So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you want some fun today, watch the group that was only at 10.9% earlier in THIS week and in fourth place, that went to a winning 3rd place at 2 am this morning, keep climbing in the ranks, or at least keep our winning 3rd place spot.  EVEN IF YOU CAN ONLY CARVE OUT a 5-15 minute Period, PLEASE, take some time out today for the neighborhood kids and vote, and vote often!  Deadline is 2pm PST, 5 pm EST.   Felix in our group has figured out how you can vote multiple times with ease. (See instructions below) When first, second, and fourth place wake up and see what we've done, they could easily push us back to fourth.  They might have a more effective recipe.  PLEASE HELP US.  FUN LUNCH TIME or morning BREAK!  Someone in our newsgroup had a news crew here last night covering it on the local news too!  Be part of Richmond history and help us WIN!!!  Thanks!

Please forward this email to anyone who you think would enjoy the process and want to help us win.  Yes, we get by with a little help from our friends, and we NEED you big time right now!  This contest is featured in Parents magazine.

1.     Click this link to go to the Kaboom Parents Playoff: http://playspacefinder.kaboom.org/voting/elections/parents
2.     Click this link to open the random email generator in another tab or window: http://www.yopmail.com/en/email-generator.php
3.     Copy the random email address to your Clipboard (Ctrl-C) 
4.     Back on the Playoffs window, click the Solano Playot entry under "Current Standings", which will take you to the Solano Playlot entry, and then click the purple VOTE button
5.     On the Kaboom sing-n page click REGISTER FOR KABOOM
6.     Paste (Ctrl-V) the random email address into the USER and EMAIL fields.
7.     In the USER field, delete the @ symbol and everything to the right of it.  This will give you a unique username every time.
8.     For the PASSWORD enter 1234
9.     Click the correct checkboxes and click REGISTER
10.  Back in the Yop page,click check email.  You should see a Kaboom registration email
11.  In the email window click the Kaboom link
12.  Click the VOTE button in the new window.
 repeat until you clock in around 60 seconds.