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  Help Bring Solano Playlot Home - Vote Now and Again
October 13, 2010

Voting ends Friday, and Solano Playlot is only 0.5% away from a $25,000 grant. Your vote can make the difference.

Contest Votes (not $$$) needed to win a FREE play structure for a North and East neighborhood play ground.  The local neighborhood has worked for over a year to revive Solano Play Lot - grassroots style - they now have the chance to win equipment.

Parent's Magazine and Kaboom are sponsoring a nationwide contest to win a $25,000 play structure.  SOLANO PLAYLOT is in 4th place, the top 3 win structures.  they need support to make this happen - they are a small group of neighbors, not a church or school as the other contestants are.  Below is the link.  You must register with Kaboom to vote.  They don't send junk mail, and there's an opt out option.

The voting is done daily, each voter can do it once every 24 hours. It takes less than 5 minutes to register and vote...after that it takes less than a minute.  Scroll down to SOLANO PLAYLOT, Richmond CA

Help make Richmond a safer place for our kids.  Thanks for reading and helping.  
Please share with your email lists and on Facebook to help win.  Solano remains in 4th place, but only the top 3 parks will win.  Because the other schools likely have full time staff working to win this contest, and we don't, we really need your help to get the word out and help us win. 

The story speaks for itself. Vote and share!

VOTE!: http://playspacefinder.kaboom.org/voting/elections/parents
Story: http://richmondconfidential.org/2010/10/10/richmond-vies-for-playground-prize/

Melanie Myers
Solano PLAY