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  Another Chevron Violation of Richmond Election Law
October 2, 2010

Today’s mail carried yet another violation of Richmond Fair Elections Ordinance in a mailer entitled “He’ll Roll Up His Sleeves” advocating  for Nat Bates.
The mailer paid for by “Get Richmond Working” lists the major funder as “Chevron Corporation” but does not list by whom the expenditures were directed. The bottom one-quarter of the front page used for the disclosure has margins on three sides that exceed ½ inch requirement. It may be splitting hairs to invoke the out-of-city contributor disclosure requirement, but technically Chevron Corporation is not located in Richmond. The address of its “principal place of business” is clearly 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583-2324. There are a dozen Chevron subsidiaries and affiliates in Richmond, but  there is no address and no business license listed for “Chevron Corporation.” The address given is a post office box, so it’s imposible to tell where the source is actually located.
Richmond Municipal Code Chapter 2.42.075 has detailed requirements for disclosure of contributors in mailing pieces paid for by independent committees. I am requesting that the city attorney and the city clerk take all actions available under 2.42.080 to impose penalties on the organizations responsible, including both criminal and civil actions. I am suggesting that concerned citizens join me in requesting prosecution. You can email your request to randy_riddle@ci.richmond.ca.us and diane_holmes@ci.richmond.ca.us. The specific violations are as follows:
Photo one