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  San Francisco Mime Troupe in Richmond
August 19, 2010

The San Francisco Mime Troupe will be performing in Richmond this year for the first time. This historic theater group, celebrating its 51st season this summer, has such a long and wonderful history in the Bay Area—and we are finally going to have the opportunity to see them in Richmond—a city perhaps more suited toward their political messages than many in which the SFMT performs each year.

The Richmond Arts & Culture Commission has pledged to help publicize this as widely as possible, because we want them to return each year from here on out. Would you be willing to send this email out to your list with appropriate hyperbole about its being in Richmond for the first time, etc. etc.? If you would like any further information or images, you can go to their website (www.sfmt.org), or you can call their publicist, Erica Lewis brightbutterfly@hotmail.com.



As many of you know, the San Francisco Mime Troupe will be performing in Richmond this year at the Civic Center at 27th and Nevin on August 25. 6:30 performance, Music at 6:00. Here is a little video of their current show, Posibilidad, for those who still think the whole "mime" thing means they're silent:

San Francisco Chronicle:

"It wouldn't be a Mime Troupe show if it weren't funny as well as politically engaged, and funny about being politically engaged. Michael Gene Sullivan's script and composer Pat Moran's lyrics are packed with satiric zingers..."

 "Bold and entertaining."

Marin Independent Journal:

"Between Michael Gene Sullivan's entertaining script and the cast's deft performances, the characters are distinct and memorable throughout... the cast clearly know the ropes and go at the production like a well-oiled machine."

"Velina Brown is a force to be reckoned with."

"Posibilidad" demonstrates yet again that the Mime Troupe is one well worth supporting."

San Francisco Examiner:


"The dynamic Velina Brown excels in multiple roles."

"Pointed and funny, right down to the rousing finale: “This is our struggle, this is our time!”

Directed by Wilma Bonet Featuring:
Velina Brown, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Brian Rivera, Rotimi Agbabiaka, Maggie Mason, and Michael Gene Sullivan