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  Ferry Point Loop of San Francisco Bay Trail
August 18, 2010

Friends of the Bay Trail in Richmond,

The buzz of excitement is growing as elegant Ferry Point Loop Trail Guides begin appearing in western Contra Costa County mail boxes.  Kudos to Richmond Sanitary Services owned by Republic Services for enclosing the trail guides with the quarterly bills sent out to their 56,000 residential and commercial customers.

When the trail guide arrives at your home, take it with you to enjoy this seven mile loop of the San Francisco Bay Trail on foot or by bicycle.  Although design and construction projects are underway to close gaps, the route is accessible with the exeception of the shoreline link between Shipyard 3 Bay Trail and Brickyard Cove Road.

Click here to learn about the design and construction projects now underway to close the final gaps in the Ferry Point Loop.  For example, the Port of Richmond, Auto Warehousing Company and Transdevelopment Group have begun developing the Shipyard 3 Bay Trail as part of the Honda Port of Entry Project, and the City of Richmond’s Engineering Services Dept. is designing two new trail sections between Shipyard 3 and Ferry Point.  Moreover, East Bay Regional Park District’s Board of Directors recently appropriated over $1million for improved access to the mile long western shore of Miler/Knox Regional Shoreline between Keller Beach and Ferry Point.

Profound thanks to David Moore <sincere@pointrichmond.com> of Sincere Design for creating and maintaining TRAC’s award-winning website to provide this information.

Bruce Beyaert, TRAC Chair
phone/fax 510-235-2835