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  Councilmember Jim Rogers Weds Kristin Rosekrans
August 15, 2010

This is the first wedding announcement ever posted on the E-FORUM, but good one.

Yesterday, Jim Rogers and Kristin Rosekrans were married at Keller’s Beach in Point Richmond, followed by a celebration at their new home nearby. Kristin is originally from Berkeley but has spent much of the last ten years abroad, teaching in Ghana and El Salvador. In Ghana, she was Associate Director for Literacy Programs at the Education Development Center in Accra, Ghana. More recently, she has been the Senior Education Advisor for USAID in San Salvador, EL Salvador.

She earned a Master of Education in International Education Policy at Harvard and is working on her PhD at Cal Berkeley while continuing to teach. She is published in education journals, including “Influencing Education Policy Using Participatory Research and Informed Dialogue: Lessons from El Salvador.”

Kristin’s father presided at the ceremony.

Jim and Kristin met the modern way, on line. Jim joked that it’s a good thing she has been out of the country so long because she had never seen a People’s Lawyer commercial. They are off to Alaska for a honeymoon and presumably will be back in time for resumption of City Council business in September.

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