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  Richmond Safe for Next 36 Days
August 2, 2010

The City Council met in a special session today to complete the consent calendar items left over from last Tuesday after running out of a quorum at 1:30 AM. It took three hours to get through the remaining items, meaning had the Council soldiered on last Tuesday, the meeting would have adjourned about 4:30 AM.

The traditional August break is now upon us, and the next meeting will be September 7, 2010. The City is safe from any City Council action for the next 36 days.

In closed session today, the City Council reaffirmed direction given by staff to continue with legal action to close down all illegally operating marijuana dispensaries prior to implementing new regulations anticipated for second reading on September 21, 2010.

Anyone with pressing medical needs for marijuana is invited to contact Nat Bates at natbates@comcast.net for a compassionate free ride to Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco to legally replenish his or her medicinal stash.