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July 26, 2010

Following are all the responses, both pro and con, that I have received to date on my E-FORUM “Ganja Surreality” and others. Note that the first four represent the developing in-fighting among competing dispensaries as they posture for their share of the spoils. In the old days, these drug dealers would have just killed each other, but in the new world of respectability, they are just ratting each other out.

  • Another fact I would like to tell you off line regarding this club Green Remedy: I have come to discover that this particular Dispensary has been growing marijuana in a 15,000 sqft warehouse here in Richmond since last year 2009!  They are funded by a group from Oakland and have a huge financial tie to Oakland. I also know of another Oakland group growing in a 50,000 sqft warehouse in Richmond as well. Where is all the Marijuana and money going to?  (OAKLAND) I believe it is in great violation to be having such a large growing operation in Richmond especially when the ordinance is not ready. They have been growing off site. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you "off line".


Lisa Hirschhorn
GDP Collective
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  • Dear Chief Magnus,Madame Mayor and Council members,


I encourage you to visit with the dispensary operators but please keep in mind that "Green Remedy" opened in February 2010 (after the Dec 15th, 2009 Moratorium), did construction on the property w/out permits (literally in the middle of the night) and they continuously fail to meet retail business requirements by not collecting sales tax, they do not pay the Board of Equalization, or any other tax, they have allowed patients to come into their shop when their recommendations have expired and we have refused them entry.

They opened next door to the GDP Collective at 2924 Hilltop Mall Rd. Literally 59 feet away.
I behoove you to remember this when "permitting" these dispensaries....

I represent the GDP Collective and we have been in Richmond since 2005. We have lead the "fight" on trying to get the city to adopt an ordinance for Medical Marijuana and welcome any ordinance as long as all club(s) must obey State laws, and local laws set forth.

We are a Not-for-Profit Corporation and collect and pay all taxes and all these records are available for your viewing tomorrow as well as any time. I welcome you to come and tour my facility at any time!

I welcome any questions on the Corporation set-up to how we test our product and send it out for diagnosis.

There are several clubs that do not even have operational standards and patient code of conducts set in place until the last email came forth! They are scrambling to adopt anything to be able to stay open but want to fight for on site consumption. GDP absolutely does not condone nor wants on-site consumption for many reasons including the health risk to the general public once that patient get into his/her car!

In closing I want to offer my support (GDP) to be able to help implement and answer any questions you all may have on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. We would very much like to be apart of this process.

Lisa Hirschhorn
GDP Collective
2924 Hilltop Mall Rd.
Richmond, CA. 94806
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  • Dear Council Members et al.,

I am a consultant representing GreenLeaf Natural Wellness Center.

In light of your recent council meeting to welcome medicinal centers in Richmond, I would like to introduce a more upscale approach to the traditional "pot club" that I feel would elevate the city's image and method of operations when it comes to implementing these type of collectives.

GreenLeaf is not similar in principle or structure to these types of existing collectives that we feel are not always operated in the best interest of the city or really focusing on the patient's overall health needs. GreenLeaf is designed to provide an upscale holistic alternative for clients in a safe, clean and secure setting-- a place that you could take a mother or grandmother to for pain management if they had cancer--a place that offers yoga, group therapy, nutritional information and more.

To get a better sense of GreenLeaf's owners, their background, vision and initiatives, I have attached a proposal depicting our goals and services that we feel would provide the City of Richmond with a respectable business model  that they can be proud to have as a beneficial and revenue generating business in their city.

As you can see, the principals of GreenLeaf come from a well-rounded and esteemed background and are committed to providing safe and quality alternatives to some of the harsher treatments for people in pain that exist in modern medicine.

In the past we have met with Councilmember Ritterman and Rafael Madrigal, and would welcome a meeting with additional members of the city council, and city staff and commissions.

We welcome addressing any thoughts or concerns that you might have, as well as the best way to determine next steps for us and others in the approval process with the city.

Please contact me and we can schedule a time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Gina E. Zagotta
Caribou Public Relations


  • Dear Chief Magnus,

After very helpful conversations with Councilmember Jim Rogers, we have come to understand the need to have greater collaboration and communication with you and your department, especially around issues of enforcement and oversight of the Richmond dispensaries. We recognize that for the dispensaries to successfully operate in Richmond, our collaboration with you and your department must be extensive. To date, the Richmond dispensaries, while working hard to meet state law, and to comply with local requirements, have not benefitted sufficiently, as a group, from the type of dialogue with you that would enable us to fully understand the issues recently raised in an email written by you about the impacts that dispensaries were having, or could potentially have, on the surrounding communities. As we read through the email, and had conversations with council members, we have come to understand that these concerns must be addressed by us.

We respectfully invite you to meet with us tomorrow (Monday) afternoon at a time that is convenient for you. We will coordinate attendance with the other dispensary operators, and we offer our facility at Green Remedy Collective as a meeting place. If this location is inconvenient for you, we are happy to attend a meeting at a location more convenient to you. We hope you are able to fit this meeting into your busy schedule as we believe that the opportunity for reaching greater understanding of your department’s necessary role in oversight of the dispensaries will be significantly enhanced if we can meet with you directly, as a group, and fully understand the perspective of your department.
Please inform us at your earliest opportunity if you are able to have such a meeting with us.

Darrin Parle
Green Remedy Collective
2928 Unit C Hilltop Mall Rd.
Richmond, CA 94806
Tel 510.758.7898

  • I note your rebuke to some of your Council-mates re accepting the "health benefits" of ganga vs their opposition to tobacco usage!  The below info is extracted from an encyclopedia resource, which is cited at the end (of the presentation).  Just an addition to your grist....I have never had much interest in ganga; alcohol is my 'burden'.......and, I can find equally remonstrative entries (in my encyclopedic reference) about the consumption of that 'demon substance'.  So, seems that we 'users' are, always, quite adept at turning a deaf ear!


  • Hello To All,

Tuesday evening the Richmond City Council is going to have a second reading to legalize selling Marijuana in our city against Federal law and before the public votes in November to legalize the selling in the State of California.  Even though the current President Obama has said unless there are other laws broken the Federal Government will not go after Medical Marijuana sales for the next 4 to 8 years.  Income from illegal sales including tax dollars may be confiscated by the Federal Governmentment.

If Senator Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, or Rep George Miller want to push the Federal Government to legalize Medical Marijuana, then the State, County and Cities can follow the law and collect taxes on LEGAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA.  Until then what about aiding and abetting criminals?  There has been very little discussion between our City Council and the general public.  There seems to be a push to get this through before the dispenseries open up some where else and the City Council might miss out on a new source of GREEN REVENUE.  Below is Councilmember Tom Butts e-mail on the issue.

I just read your thoughtful email regarding medical marijuana dispensaries.  You brought up many interesting points that I also feel need to be discussed fully and considered before a final ordinance is adopted.  Chief Magnus' letter brought up points that I hadn't considered before and got me to rethink my support for medical marijuana dispensaries. 

Thank you for the information you sent in your email and good luck with getting the ordinance modified.

Honorable Council Mermbers

I have to object to this email of Tom Butt's, because of witnessing first-hand the benefits of being able to provide medical marijuana to my partner who was dying of cancer some years

You're all smart people and there's  tons of more pertinent & current information on the subject of medical marijuana available than the aged propaganda Tom Butt forwarded to his -Forum world. 

Much has been learned on the subject since 1974, 75, 84 and even the 90's...  All council members need to look at the current facts in order to make a fair & learned judgement on this issue. 

It is not a one sided issue, i.e., someone opening a business across the street from your's that you don't approve of... 

This is a quality of life issue for many residents from Richmond and beyond.   

Let's not forget known facts about Pot vs. Alcohol use that I've bolded in the 2009 article shown below from the Huffington Post that happens to have been written by a former Police Chief....


Huffington Post article posted April 20, 2009

420: Thoughts on Pot vs. Alcohol from a Former Police Chief

As 5:00 p.m. rolls around my interior clock starts chiming. I'll have an ice-cold, bone-dry martini, thank you. Jalapeno olives and a twist. If the occasion calls for it (temperatures in the twenties, a hot political debate on the tube) I may substitute two fingers of Kentucky sour mash. Four-twenty? Doesn't resonate. But with April 20 approaching and Waldos of the world gearing up to celebrate their favorite day of the year, it's not a bad time to consider, yet again, the pluses and minuses of alcohol vs. cannabis.

First, a disclaimer: I am a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, but I don't officially represent the organization in this forum. That said, I can't very well check my affiliation, or beliefs, at the keyboard when I sit down to blog for HuffPost. We at LEAP are current and former cops and other criminal justice practitioners who have witnessed firsthand the futility and manifold injustices of the drug war. Our professional experiences have led us to conclude that the more dangerous an illicit substance--from crack to krank--the greater the justification for its legalization, regulation, and control. It is the prohibition of drugs that leads inexorably to high rates of death, disease, crime, and addiction.
Back to booze vs. pot. How do the effects of these two drugs stack up against specific health and public safety factors?

Alcohol-related traffic accidents claim approximately 14,000 lives each year, down significantly from 20 or 30 years ago (attributed to improved education and enforcement). Figures for THC-related traffic fatalities are elusive, especially since alcohol is almost always present in the blood as well, and since the numbers of "marijuana-only" traffic fatalities are so small. But evidence from studies, including laboratory simulations, feeds the stereotype that those under the influence of canniboids tend to (1) be more aware of their impaired psychomotor skills, and (2) drive well below the speed limit. Those under the influence of alcohol are much more likely to be clueless or defiant about their condition, and to speed up and drive recklessly.

Hundreds of alcohol overdose deaths occur annually. There has never been a single recorded marijuana OD fatality.

According to the American Public Health Association, excessive alcohol consumption is the third leading cause of death in this country. APHA pegs the negative economic impact of extreme drinking at $150 billion a year.
There have been no documented cases of lung cancer in a marijuana-only smoker, nor has pot been scientifically linked to any type of cancer. (Don't trust an advocate's take on this? Try the fair and balanced coverage over at Fox.) Alcohol abuse contributes to a multitude of long-term negative health consequences, notably cirrhosis of the liver and a variety of cancers.
While a small quantity, taken daily, is being touted for its salutary health effects, alcohol is one of the worst drugs one can take for pain management, marijuana one of the best.

Alcohol contributes to acts of violence; marijuana reduces aggression. In approximately three million cases of reported violent crimes last year, the offender had been drinking. This is particularly true in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and date rape. Marijuana use, in and of itself, is absent from both crime reports and the scientific literature. There is simply no link to be made.

Over the past four years I've asked police officers throughout the U.S. (and in Canada) two questions. When's the last time you had to fight someone under the influence of marijuana? (I'm talking marijuana only, not pot plus a six-pack or a fifth of tequila.) My colleagues pause, they reflect. Their eyes widen as they realize that in their five or fifteen or thirty years on the job they have never had to fight a marijuana user. I then ask: When's the last time you had to fight a drunk? They look at their watches.

All of which begs the question. If one of these two drugs is implicated in dire health effects, high mortality rates, and physical violence--and the other is not--what are we to make of our nation's marijuana laws? Or alcohol laws, for that matter.

Anybody out there want to launch a campaign for the re-prohibition of alcohol? Didn't think so. The answer, of course, is responsible drinking. Marijuana smokers, for their part, have already shown (apart from that little matter known as the law) greater responsibility in their choice of drugs than those of us who choose alcohol.

  • Dear Councilman Butt, Stick to your guns!  Marijuana is a very dangerous gateway drug and all we need here in CA is more stoned out drivers on our roads and byways. I interviewed "Buzz" Fowler who was able to open a marijuana 'dispensary' on Dam Rd. with no problem at all.  This weirdo actually offered me a "hit" of marijuana even though I am not a "patient" and it is against the law.  See:  http://www.saveelsobrante.com/Potclub.htm. These people are a menace to society, especially our vulnerable young people.


  • For evidence that pot is bad for you, talk to the author of "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" - A brain scan expert.
  • Do you ever think your wrong?


  • Thank you, Mr. Butt, for your Forum email "Ganga Surreality."  I was particularly pleased to read Magnus's email.  His countenance at Tuesday's Council meeting suggested he did not approve of what the Council was doing; however, his oral statement was noncommittal.  I look forward to next Tuesday's meeting. 

A very good and welcome summary of this issue. I also appreciate reading the Chief's comments. Thanks for sending.

"there is evidence that 98% of marijuana users are not suffering from maladies for which marijuana is the best treatment."

and there is evidence that attending too many city council meetings can lead to shrinkage of the testicles, brains,breasts, or all three...in the same person!!!

we can compare our sources but i'll clue you in that mine come from a possibly higher (?) source than yours...no, not god herself...but really, all this breathless trashing of people who are breaking the law and illegal makes me wonder:

how the fuck are they in this town, doing business, while the police department and government are sleeping on the job?

if they are illegal and breaking the law, why the hell are they here in the first place?

or is this like "illegal" immigration, which profits some at others expense? if so, why not prove what we, the people are losing, instead of all that indulgence in ancient stories about the kind of harm that marijuana can cause, might cause, could cause, and has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by people scared shitless at anything they don't understand, cause?

every time you get into your car and start the engine, you are in greater danger than you would be if you had unprotected sex with a stranger who is hiv positive or smoked, ate or drank marijuana...when you can "prove" that nearly 100 people a day are dropping dead of AIDS or marijuana indulgence, i'll concede my point...meanwhile, be very very careful when you enter the battlefield of auto traffic, and please provide more evidence than repetition of old arguments about what might happen if people smoke drink or eat "pot" and what terrible people these business types who sell it really are...compared to people who sell us other great stuff like booze, carcinogens, junk food and organic garbage?

yes, sucking fire into your lungs cannot be good for your lungs...duh?...but smoking a couple of joints a day, as some still do, does not compare with smoking a couple of packs a day, as some still do, for wear and tear on the throat...and while i'm not up on present use forms from personal experience. i am told that pipes of a very sophisticated tech nature that protects from the harshness are used by the health people and i'm sure recreational users are in on the newer technology as well...and since most of the health users i know of do not smoke at all but eat the stuff, i;m really wondering what the hell has you in such a fit of protecting us...from what? did you once have a bummer when in high school? get over it...already..

  • Dear Tom,     Thank for the thoughtful editorial comments about the dispensaries.  I am deeply concerned that organized crime will gain a foothold in the business, let alone local profiteers.  Thank you for your vote.


  • Thank you, Tom!  This is excellent what you have written here. Most of us older "Baby boomers" ( born in 1946 ) can relate to trying  "grass" in the mid 60's right after graduating from High School. All of my friends of this age tried it several times but never continued it as we all saw that It impaired our learning and interfered with our memory, perception, and judgment . Thank you again for thinking more about this whole thing that the mayor and other council members did not think about last week.  My God, all those speakers seemed 'high' especially the one from Clear Lake...hahaha. Anyway, keep up what you are so good at doing...asking the tough questions !
  • I agree wholeheartedly with your evaluation and summation. I was also impressed with Chief Magnus' comments and hope the rest of the Council takes heed. Marijuana can assuage some pain that other medication does not, but it also can cause acute paranoia, impaired judgement etc. as you know. Keep up the good work.


I appreciate your points but you lose me when you start arguing about how smoking marijuana is bad for you.

Marijuana doesn't have to be ignited and smoked as a carcinogen. It can be consumed orally in various forms or heated to release vapors which are then inhaled.

I also recoil anytime someone wants to regulate something because "it's good for you". Stay out of people's health decisions - if they want to smoke pot it's their call and we should all mind our own damn business.

Last, I don't smoke pot but I know many people who do so on a regular basis. These friends are wonderful parents and spouses, not to mention creative, responsible professionals and artists. They are the examples that I hold to as this whole debate rages on.

  • Dear Tom...

Fascinating to observe your mental processes here, on an issue I've been working with since 1958. A little background, so you can likewise observe my own thought processes on governance, crime, and the art of scientific rhetoric. I went to high school in Key West, even then a rather freewheeling Navy town. Drugs were freely available, as was liquor, especially during Prohibition (an event best kept firmly at the front of consciousness while arguing these concepts). Prohibition dealt a blow to that small island city's governance from which I don't think it ever recovered. Prohibition is not control or regulation.

In 1961 I came to the Bay Area on a motorcycle, another supposedly dangerous and evil behavior. I've ridden steadily since then, even now, at 70, I have a freeway legal scooter. I've had zero accidents. But then, I ride like I take drugs, very very carefully. I skittered alongside the whole Beat and Hippie scene, close enough to do sound at the Fillmore, and read Poetry at the Fox and Hound in North Beach. I've observed drug taking up close for a long time, without particularly using any ones except the occasional toke, and a couple of clinically acceptable uses of LSD, following the "set and setting" recommendations of the best sources at Stanford I could access. I know about the bad effects of crack compared to cocaine, and the differences in behavior that spring from drugs and its interactions with personality and situation. I've discussed the alcohol regulation in Sweden (don't drive drunk!) at dinner parties at the upper diplomatic levels, and wandered Amsterdam.

I observe the incredible violence caused by harsh drug prohibition in the United States. It seems obvious it's driven by greed for money, just like Chevron's mistakes are so driven, and BP's culture of carelessness. I contrast the trivial social (non-individual) alcohol problems (compared with personal mistakes in usage) and so we get to the difference in wisdom and understanding between Chief Magnuson's letter, and your, I must say, rather clunky and transparent lazy  moralizing attempts to make a scientific argument, as you skip wildly between levels of individual choice, old and new research, and types of ingestion.

My main bottom line comment is that you are a hell of a lot better at talking about architecture than you are at thinking about governmental control of personal life choices, and the bitter necessity of allowing people to make their own mistakes. I guess the simplest way to say this is that you're moralizing instead of analyzing, and thus generating the weakest of rationalized nanny-state excuses for your original gut impulses. I'd advise you to talk with some of your more rational pot users, medical and recreational, especially the older ones, since they've had a lot more experience with thinking about how to deal with the fun aspects of life than you have. I hope. 

We need regulation. We need decriminalization of possession and use, and accurate court enforcement of violations of the public safety and health.

What we don't need is a return to Harry J. Anslinger and his screaming craziness and religious fervor. We need depoliticization. This issue is too important, especially to people who medicate with cannabis, to be used to garner votes, even if being "against drugs" is a sure winner.

You are invited to our house, if you'd like, perhaps with the Chief, to talk about governance, the Founders' concept of personal liberty, and the difficult choices in real time and real life that people in governance must make. You need to realize, perhaps, that you can't talk about things like this in public confrontational soundbites, such as our rather crippled city governments feel the need to impose on the citizens when they speak up.

For that reason, I'd like you to publish this response to the same list you sent the original letter out to. Fair is fair.


  • You know, usually I am in agreement with you on most matters that come before the council, but not on this one. I think you are dead wrong regarding marijuana. People are going to continue to obtain  it, legal or not, and have so for decades. There are people who seriously need it for medical reasons, my aunt for example, who died of stomach cancer and wouldn't even consider marijuana when we mentioned it because she said it was 'illegal', although it appeared that she could legally obtain every other drug under the sun, but none of them stopped her nausea enough so that she could eat, and my aunt loved to eat. The alcohol conglomerates, and the narcotics rings are upset about the competition of free trade, and rightfully so. Let the government control it. Treat it the same as alcohol. No driving while under the influence, no smoking in public, unless in a restricted area, no one under the age of 21, tax the hell out of it so the communities can rebuild.

For the record, I haven't smoked marijuana since the 70's, but the idea that the world will end if it is legalized is just incorrect. I do agree that it should not be sold in a residential area, or near schools, or parks. As for the carcinogenic hydrocarbons, we live in Richmond, right next to Chevron, General Chemical, etc., talk about our breathing in toxins!
I hope you will revisit your vote, for this is an idea whose time has come.

What is your position?  What do you need to feel that you have received sufficient education?  I support the marijuana dispensaries but also support strong enforcement.  You might find interesting the relationship between alcohol and violence and crime as well. 

  • Tom ...

You are right on.  The response I got from Ritterman is ridiculous, and so far removed from reality for anyone in the medical profession one would have to believe he is either incompetent or has been bought. 

Your suggestion to get input from experts before making such a serioius decision is, in my opinion, a good way to go.  I am going to answer Ritterman and include quotes and sources from the best in the U.S.  I suspect he is a member of NORML, and/or a recipient of financial backing by the Drug Policy Alliance. 

You obviously have done a lot of research.  If you haven't found it already, www.casacolumbia.org is a great source of information.  They are probably the best research firm in the U.S.  One relevant paper listed under publications is Non-Medical Marijuana which has a lot of information on marijuana addiction.  (Pages 11 - 22).

  • Well put.  Is anyone waivering? 


  • Councilpersons and City Manager:  I was amazed at the U-Turn taken by the Council on 20 July regarding marijuana collectives in the City of Richmond--from injunctions to stop marijuana collectives to actively supporting unlimited numbers of marijuana collectives in the City of Richmond.  Ritterman stated that marijuana and alcohol are not similar and rejected police regulation of collectives.  A cursory review of the literature belies Ritterman's assertion:  "Not surprisingly, cannabis impairs cognitive and psychomotor performance.  The effects are similar to those of alcohol and benzodiazepines and include slowing of reaction time, motor incoordination, specific defects in short-term memory, difficulty in concentration and particular impairment in complex tasks which require divided attention.  The effects are dose-related but can be demonstrated after relatively small doses (5-10 mg THC in a joint), even in experienced cannabis users, and have been shown in many studies across a wide range of neurocognitive and psychomotor tests.  These effects are additive with those of other central nervous system depressants.  (The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2001; 178, 101-106)"  The City police regulate alcohol distribution; the City police should regulate cannabis distribution.

In the discussion of where collectives should be located in the City, Ritterman suggested industrial areas.  Lopez, who is the only one on the Council who is an authority on zoning, asked whether C2 and C3 zones would be included and was shouted down by Ritterman who said both--at least that was what was perceived above his shouting.  Zone C2, as I understand it, is an industrial zone that abuts residential areas.  We were told that collectives have up to 6-8k members which suggests parking might well pose a problem in C2 zones, not to mention the number of cognitively impaired folk walking residential streets heading for their collectives.  The West County Times, 22 July 2010, p. 2 & 4, inform us that collectives will be located only 500 feet from schools (other than high schools) and day care centers.  Will residential areas tolerate this?

The unlimited number of cannabis collectives/outlets proposed for Richmond is not comparable to other nearby cities.  Berkeley (pop. 101,555) 3 collectives; Oakland (pop. 397,067) 4 collectives; San Jose (pop. 929,936) 10 outlets.  Neither El Cerrito nor Pittsburg will allow cannabis collectives.  The City of Pride and Purpose now has another behavior to brag about along with gangs, guns, murder, crime--Cannabis Capital of the East Bay.

We are told by the West County Times, 21 July 2010, p. AA00, that home grown cannabis is sold for $3500-$3800 per pound in Oakland.  And that $28 million of cannabis was sold at dispensaries last year.  Oakland is considering a $211k regulatory fee to be charged to cannabis growers in its jurisdiction.  It is not surprising given the very large sums of money involved in cannabis sales that we find Butt placing items L-2 and L-4 on the Council's agenda for the 27 July 2010 meeting.  Butt wants to make a Buck for the City.

Needless to say at this point, I am amazed at the very poor judgment shown by the City Council on this issue.  Have we not enough problems without adding to them encouraging drug use and abuse? 

  • Please let me clarify a few things about the marijuana dispensary ordinance.


There is no right to open, only  a right to apply.

The Council after hearing concerns like yours, will make the final choice.

The City Manager has been given the authority to require whatever level of police protection, safety requirements, etc, he feels is appropriate.

I believe that as a startiong point that should be one officer to patrol the dispensary and surrounding neighborhood each hour the dispenbsary is open.

As the dispensaries prove they can take care of business, that level of patrol could be reduced.
There is no need to let dispensaries trash neighborhoods.

By permitting legal ones, we will reduc ethe marke tof rthe illegal ones which are currently creating problems, according to our Police Chief.

If it turns out that in spiute of our best efforts neighborhoods are being trashed, then I will vote to repeal the authorization to operate.

Please note it is a conditional use permit, revocable by the Council at any time.

Councilmember Jim Rogers

  • Dear Tom,

I know that we both feel passionately about the medical marijuana issue and its rightful place in our city.  I'm sorry that we see the issue so differently.

I suspect that we will have another lively debate on the issue during the second reading of the ordinance.

I'd like to ask you to refrain from characterizing the collectives as greedy unscrupulous carpet baggers.  I believe that kind of characterization is inaccurrate and poisons the debate.  In my experience, for example, John Clay is an honorable man with scruples who is not involved out of greed.  I believe that he worked in Richmond helping patients with autism.

In any case, I am asking that you refrain from using the greedy unscrupulous carpetbagger characterization, which will only inflame pre-existing prejudices without helping advance anyone's understanding of what is certainly a complex issue for any city to address.

  • If enough Richmond residents want a more restricttive ordinance, they have one opportunity on July 27 to get one at the second reading. we want pot...make a tax.


  • Wow, It's hard to imagine that unscrupulous individuals/carpetbaggers from other communities would propose potential illegal operations in Richmond!  Do we get tax income or jobs for the city with this proposal?  Do we have to give away valuable shoreline property?
  • Excellent--I'll be volunteering for the McLaughlin campaign today, and will reconsider voting for Rogers. I wonder if there are any liquor store owners from other communities, or any other owners of Richmond businesses who do not live in Richmond? Carpetbaggers!


  • Hi Tom.........Best part of the meeting that I saw, since I fell asleep, was your, "SHUT UP, RITTERMAN!!  "   LOL !  You must know that is what we are all yelling at our TV sets during these meetings....especially to this mayor and poor ol'Bates.  Ahhh, election time is a-comin'! Have a good Wednesday!
  • Hello, If Arizona passes a law to have Federal Government pay for illegal immigrants already headed for prison or already in prison, some of you vote to boycott the state. The Federal Government may need to change the Marijuana law, but until they do any state or local laws give people a false sense of protection from prosecution. I still believe that all of you raised your hands and took an oath of office to defend the laws of our country.  If you do not agree with Federal laws then find ways to get them changed on an individual basis, not on City Council time when Richmond needs you to concentrate on our local issues.  How many residents might be arrested on Federal drug laws because you give them a false sense of security?


  • Okay - I think I blew it.  I am not in favor of the dispensaries, but I think I only wrote one note, to you, of my feelings.  I didn't follow through. Please forward the time of the next reading, and I will be there.
  • The regulations should include providing their own uniformed security officers, a no loitering policy, and maybe no on site use, and a  required distance between sites.  I suggest reviewing the rules for liquor stores.  That is your real problem. 


  • Thank you for standing up for not endorsing yet another illegal activity.  I had no idea that there are so many pot head supporters.  I am also ashamed of myself for not getting to the City Council meeting last evening to speak out!!  I definitely plan to be at the July 27 mtg.   I do hope that A HUGH NUMBER OF RICHMOND RESIDENTS WHO DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS DISASTER WILL COME OUT AND BE EXTREMELY VOCAL ON JULY 27.  I AM GOING TO PLEAD WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO PLEASE COME OUT AND BE HEARD.  It's a shame before God that we spend more time supporting MARIJUANA USERS and SUPPLIERS than we do on trying to keep a school open.  Thank God for people like Myrtle and Naomi who presevere and have the fortitude.  I hope "Madam Mayor" and EVERY councilmember who voted for this ordinance gets voted straight out of office.  I wouldn't encourage anybody to buy a home in Richmond, anymore!!  No schools, potholes, potheads driving up and down the street, high and in a hurry to get some more "medicine", illegal residents with no driver's license or insurance racing the CHP and other jurisdictions to get to the Richmond City border for "safe haven" and just an assortment of activities not good for raising a decent family.  Richmond is becoming no more than "New Jack City"!!  We don't have to worry about dispenseries being too close to schools, because we aren't going to have any schools. 
  • I wouldn't be surprised to find a booth selling the stuff at the "Homefront Festival". 

The Police Chief has his hands tied and is not allowed to enforce any laws in the City of Richmond. Thanks for your efforts last night. However, it was too little, far too late. As I recall, you made light of the dispensary in the Point a while back. Something to do with marijuana and the outdoor market. When I further learned that some the Point's more esteemed residents are "patients" seeking "medicine" from our "local collective health providers", I figured no sense in complaining. We own a lovely home in the Point. After my husbands repeated illnesses, we decided to live closer to our children. While buyers admire our home, they don't want to live in Richmond. Crime, gambling, violence, poverty and now marijuana dispensaries! What a load of BS and pandering was on the agenda last night!!!