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  Richmond P.D. Parolee Efforts
July 7, 2010

The following is from Chief Chris Magnus:

A recent piece by journalism students from U.C. Berkeley, picked up by KTVU and other local media, highlights some of our efforts here in Richmond to work with State Parole personnel in addressing the challenges of dealing with local parolees.  Many of these parolees are involved in ongoing serious crime in our city, so how we assure their compliance with their parole terms is critically important from a public safety standpoint.

Both these links are worth checking out.  The level of detail is slightly different between the two--and the second link has an accompanying text story.

These stories help to answer the ongoing question about RPD is doing to address violent crime in our community.  This is PART of that answer--only a small part, but a very important part.  I appreciate the great work of our Gang Unit/SID detectives and the Patrol personnel who contribute to this effort.

I welcome your feedback.

Chief Magnus