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  Community Adopts Solano Playlot
June 19, 2010

After the Juneteenth Parade, I stopped by the Solano Playlot to check out the great things I have been hearing about the neighborhood adopting and improving the park. It’s really an inspiration. See the website at http://www.solanoplay.org/.

The community is totally changing the park for the better and using it intensely. The City installed gates and provided soil and wood chips, Several nurseries had donated plants, including The Watershed Nursery and Annie’s Annuals. Volunteers were planting, cleaning and painting.

They are looking for planners and landscape architects who might volunteer to help prepare an expanded plan for the entire area around the park that would include the adjacent streets and add traffic calming and road diets in the future.

For more information, contact healthyparks@gmail.com.

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