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  Ballot Recommendations from Assemblymember Nancy Skinner
June 2, 2010

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner is running unopposed in the primary but would still appreciate your vote of confidence. Her recommendations on the propositions are the same as mine, and her reasons are also listed.
Next week, Tuesday June 8 is Election Day.
Confused by the many ads? Here's my take on the propositions:

Proposition 13 YES
Earthquake Safety Measure: Provides an incentive to make California's buildings safer in an earthquake by allowing property owners to seismic retrofit without receiving an automatic property tax reassessment.

Proposition 14 NO
"Top Two" Primary: Removes the right for political parties to choose Primary candidates.  May seem benign but as most geographic areas in our state are dominantly Republican (think Orange County) or dominantly Democratic (think Bay Area) this measure just guarantees that there will be two elections for every legislative seat even if both candidates are in the same party. Forcing two elections gives a leg up to the candidate with the most money, to quote Stephen Colbert, "It'll put the two richest guys" on the ballot.

Proposition 15 YES
California Fair Elections Act: Gives California a chance to try out public financing like Maine and Arizona have by setting up a pilot project to publicly fund Secretary of State candidates.  Also ends the constitutional ban on public financing so cities and counties can choose public funding. Our own Senator Loni Hancock championed this measure, for more info go to www.yesfairelections.org

Proposition 16 NO
Utility Power Grab: This measure was put on the ballot by PG&E for the purpose of preventing local communities from opting out of PG&E service and forming their own municipal utilities. It has virtually nothing to do with protecting your right to vote.

Proposition 17 NO
Insurance Rate Hike Initiative: Like Prop 16 this is another measure funded by one business interest, in this case Mercury Insurance, with the purpose of protecting their interests, not consumers.

Local Ballot Measures
I am supporting the measures backed by our local school districts:  West Contra Costa Unified School District Bond Measure D- YES

Finally, beware of slate mailers produced by for-profit businesses, asterisks next to candidates and ballot measures indicate they were paid to be included on that slate mailer. These mailers aren't guides from environmental organizations or the Democratic Party unless clearly stated.  WATCH FOR NAMES DESIGNED TO FOOL YOU. The Council of Concerned Women Voters for example is NOT the League of Women Voters!


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