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  More Recommendations for June 8 Election
May 31, 2010
  • For County Supervisor, 1st District, I recommend JOHN GIOIA. I agree with the Contra Costa Times endorsement. John has served Richmond and West County well and has an excellent working relationship with the City Council and the City of Richmond. John is honest, smart, hard working and really enjoys taking care of his constituents.
  • For Assessor, GUS KRAMER. See Gus Kramer for Contra Costa County Assessor, May 16, 2010.
  • California Proposition 13 -Limits on Property Tax Assessment. Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Buildings. YES.
  • Proposition 14 – Elections, Increaser Right to Participate in Primary Elections. NO. A good rule of thumb is never support anything endorsed by the California Chamber of Commerce, which is generally against anything that is good for Californians.
  • Proposition 15 - Fair Elections Act. YES. Proposition 15, if enacted, will assess fees on registered lobbyists in California and use the additional revenue to provide some funding for political campaigns for those running for the Office of the Secretary of State of California. Proposition 15 was initially sponsored by Loni Hancock, our Democratic state senator from Berkeley. The California Chamber of Commerce opposes Proposition 15.
  • Proposition 16 –Imposes New Two-thirds Voter Approval Requirement for Local Public Providers. NO. This measure is solely financed by PG&E to protect their monopoly on supplying electrical power. It is aimed not at municipal utilities but at consumer choice aggregation, which allows cities to offer residents a choice of greener power. Proposition 16 is  endorsed by the California Chamber of Commerce.
  • Proposition 17 – Allows Auto Insurance Companies to Base Their Prices in part on a Driver’s History of Insurance Coverage. NO. See Major California Auto Insurer Bankrolling Prop. 17. This is also supported by the California Chamber of Commerce.

For Measure D – West Contra Costa Unified School District Student safety/Classroom Repair Measure. YES.