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  Point Molate Casino Polls Mirror Bias of Sponsors but Otherwise Close
May 11, 2010

On April 24, the Contra Costa Times reported a card club sponsored poll (TOM BUTT E-FORUM: Casino plan numbers batted about, April 25, 2010), showing 49 percent of likely voters opposing a casino. When asked whether the respondent is more likely to vote for a candidate who supports or opposes the casino, and 55 percent say they prefer a candidate who says no.
A more recent poll sponsored by Upstream Point Molate showed a majority (51.2%) of respondents support the Point Molate project, with only 42% of respondents citing that they would oppose a hotel resort casino at Point Molate. Only 6.5% of respondents answered “Unsure” or “Don’t Know” to the Point Molate question.

Assuming the truth lies somewhere between the competing polls, the electorate would be pretty much divided 50/50 on the Point Molate Casino issue.

Another recent study (presumably card club sponsored) released by the East Bay Coalition Against Urban Casinos, “Gambling With Our Future: Casino San Pablo’s Impact on Local Communities One Year a After the Introduction of Slot Machines,” claimed crime increased in the 200% - 300% range. This may be tolerable for San Pablo, where casino revenue pays for ¾ of San Pablo’s general fund. Simply put, San Pablo would cease to exist as a city without the casino.