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  Richmond Silly Parade
March 26, 2010

Time to get ready for the 4th Annual Richmond Silly Parade on Saturday, April 10th from 10:30 – 11:23 a.m. at the corner of 23rd and Macdonald.  Come march with us, or bring the kids and chuckle.

Building on the success of the city’s great Cinco de Mayo and Juneteenth events, the Richmond Silly Parade welcomes all Richmond neighborhoods to celebrate our creativity and imagination and have fun.

Visualize once again the Synchronized Nap Team, the Portable Hibachi Grill Team, the Senior Citizen Dry-Water Swim Team, the World’s Only Windchime Band, and the Jennifer Lopez Look-Alike Brigade winding their way through downtown accompanied by djembes, kazoos, and glockenspiels.

So get together with your friends, neighbors, classmates, bowling league, union brothers and sisters, bridge club, or support group, and put together something silly.  All you need is a prop (lawnmowers, baby strollers, fly swatters, aprons) and an idea.

As time marches on, the Richmond Silly Parade should grow and more attract more people to our city.  Check out these other famous community spectacles: “The Doo Dah Parade” of Pasadena or “In the Heart of the Beast” in Minneapolis.

For information and free registration, or to help, contact richmondsillyparade@gmail.com or Michael Beer at 235-5519.