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  Guest Editorial from Maria Viramontes
March 10, 2010

Imagine that a thoughtful approach to preserving and planning the shoreline, I guess Rogers, we will never live to see that day. Instead what we get as usual is Mr. Butt's, accusation that any council member with a different point of view is owned by developers. Of course, the Mayor never corrects Butt's personalizations, lies of wrongdoing etc.. and as usual anyone with a different point of view gets the gavel from her.

     However, Mr. Butt's, policy of "Manifest Destiny" a policy the Mayor shares which translates in real life to; we can take any private land with out compensation through the technical land use trick of down zoning. Oh well, poor them is their attitude these poor individuals who own private land too bad they got in the way of "Manifest Destiny". After the Butt and McLaughlin zoning tinkering is done; the land is worthless and maybe twenty years from now the city or park district might get around to buying it.

    I believe in open space, and I have raised and fought for millions of dollars for it. If you want open space, buy it.  If you are going to use imminent domain you should be honest about it and have the integrity in the process to pay people equitable for their land.  But, of course, Butt and Mclaughlin are progressives, I call it something else. 

    The shoreline is our most precious asset, for sustainability in its own right and for the gift of service for human kind.

    The city began because of the shoreline and marine activity was the first economic activity sustaining Richmond families.

    It is still providing lively hoods for families, if allowed. But, then some members of the council don't understand the need for creating a general environment that promotes work for Richmond Families...they are to busy with "Manifest Destiny" for that concern.

    Their eye is on international resolutions and the global economy rather than what happens to Richmond Families.   

    Of course, when they can come down from the clouds to Richmond, their first discussion on the agenda is what to do with Chevron land when they leave.
    So much for the strategy of keeping major employers in Richmond beyond giving them a plaque..they think that a few small boutique developments on a few blocks will make up for the lost jobs to the community and the lost tax base for the city which is always challenged to pay for services for our residents.

    Literally, this is their plan. Wake up Richmond. 

    As council members, we have seen it and touched it and unfortunately, the policy of "Manifest Destiny" will result in reducing the middle class in Richmond and driving low income families out of town...then I guess they will finally be happy.

   These are not shoreline wars, I am an environmentalist of long standing.   This is a cultural and economic equity war and not everyone has figured out where they stand in it.